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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tasteful Decor: Decorating with Black and White

Black and white.

These two colors create the ultimate contrast in a room. When used correctly, black and white can transform a bland, boring room into a sophisticated, comfortable area.

Black and white combined can create a high-drama look, a casual room, and can even provide a "formal" feel, if you so desire.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogging 101: 6 Ways to Improve Your Food Photography

If you're a Pinterest user, you know just how enticing food photography can be. Beautiful photographs of meals are enough to make you pin the image, and then run to the store to buy all of the items needed to make it, take pictures of your concoction, and then tell all of your Facebook friends about it.

Images are powerful. Gorgeous pictures of food are even more powerful. Learn how to improve your food photography to create delectably delightful food pictures for your recipes, your blog, social media, or just because you want to.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Free Event Tickets Giveaway for Sports, Theater, or Concerts!

Get Free Event Tickets Courtesy Of Rukkus and I

I just teamed up with cheap ticket site, Rukkus, to get you free tickets to any concert sports, or theater event of your choice! If you haven't heard of Rukkus, they help you find the lowest prices on concert, sports, and theater tickets by scouring the entire web (including sites like StubHub and Vivid Seats), as well as their network of brokers, to help you find the guaranteed best deal. I compared prices from a bunch of different sites, and Rukkus was the cheapest out of all of them!

Who doesn't want free tickets? For your chance to win, enter using the methods below!

Blogging 101: What I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Started Blogging

It wasn't until 2011 that I launched Freelance Lady. Since then, I've learned quite a bit about the blogging world. Had I known then what I know now, I could have increased my chances for success early on. Lucky for you, however, today, I'm sharing some of the tips that I wish I would have known prior to starting my blogging journey.

I truly hope that some of these tips prove beneficial for you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monitor Your BP with the Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Let's talk a little about hypertension. Hypertension is high blood pressure, and can quickly become a danger to your health if not treated and monitored. My maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, and mother have all been diagnosed with hypertension. Because of this, I feel that regularly monitoring my blood pressure is incredibly important.

So far, I've been lucky and haven't had any signs of hypertension. My blood pressure is typically within the normal range. With that said, I am the "better safe than sorry" type, so I choose to closely monitor my health.

We don't all have the time to run to our local pharmacy to check our BP everyday, nor do we have the money to throw away on doctor visits just to have our blood pressure monitored. This is why portable blood pressure monitors come in handy.

Finding a high-quality, accurate, and inexpensive BP monitor may seem like a difficult feat, but rest assured, they are out there, and today, I would like to talk about one.

Blogging 101: Your Guide to Creating Pin-Worthy Images

Pinterest brings out the primitive creatures in all of us. We sense things first and foremost with our eyes. If you see a shirt you love, you want to buy it. If you see food that looks delicious, you want to eat it. If you see an adorable dog, you want to pet it. We are visual creatures, and Pinterest's success can be attributed to this scientific fact.

If you're smart about what you're pinning, Pinterest can become an incredibly important marketing tool for you. Learning to create images that are "pin-worthy" in the eyes of Pinners across the world is the easiest way to get your images seen by hundreds, even thousands of eyes.

Achieve Long, Sultry Lashes with the Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler

It's nearly every woman's dream to have long, beautiful, sultry eyelashes, and I am no exception. Unfortunately, I was not blessed (by any means) with stunning lashes. My lashes are short, limp, and rather sparse. With that being said, I had to learn that to achieve the dazzling eyelashes I desired, I'd need to invest in high-quality mascara and an eyelash curler.

Eyelash curlers would soon become my best friend.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

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