Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds - First Time Shooters Course

My husband and I are both supporters of the second amendment, and here in Ohio, they're pretty big on that right, too. In Ohio, it's legal to open carry without a permit, and there are no gun registration requirements. We've talked quite a bit about getting a firearm for home safety, and we recently became a bit more serious about it. We finally decided to go on a "date" to attend a First Time Shooters Course at the Miami Valley Shooting Grounds in Vandalia, Ohio.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Park Designed with Disabilities in Mind

My sister works at a rehabilitation facility for those with disabilities. They often take their clients to various places for recreation, including the movies, state parks, and festivals. My sister came to me one day, and told me that they were running out of ideas, and felt "stuck" doing the same things every month. They were in desperate need for new ideas and places--specifically places that are interactive and accessible to those with and without disabilities.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned a playground that he had seen on the news, at Snyder Park in Springfield, Ohio. The park opened in mid-June and was wheelchair accessible. You can take a look at the video below.

The plans for the park were set in place by the Springfield Rotary Club. They held a one-day build to install the $300,000 playground for children throughout Clark County.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What NOT to do When Blogging

Becoming a blogger is easy. Becoming a successful blogger is difficult.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of the Internet can set up a blog, type up a post, publish it, and call themselves a blogger. However, writing up multiple content-rich posts on a daily basis, sharing reviews, promoting, networking, and trying to land your name on a list of envied Top Bloggers requires time and effort, the same way a job requires such.

So, how does one become a successful blogger?

Well, instead of telling you what you should be doing to create a successful blog, I'm going to give you a list of 5 things you should never do as a blogger. Knowing what not to do allows you to avoid common mistakes that other bloggers make, and in turn, give you a push up the ladder of successful bloggers.

La Deessa Premium Vitamin C Serum Review + Giveaway

As a mother of two, in my mid-twenties, my skin just isn't what it used to be. Long gone are the days of smooth, elastic, even-colored skin. Ever since I had my babies, I've been dealing with random patches of redness, rough areas, and large pores.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost.

Recently, I tried La Deessa Premium Anti Aging Elixir. It's a Vitamin C serum for the face, neck, and chest area, that is designed to stimulate collagen production, improve skin tone and texture, reduce wrinkles, hydrate the skin, improve firmness and elasticity, and the list goes on and on.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spanish for Kids: Speekee Review and Giveaway

My son, Carter, is a fast learner with a brilliant mind. Since the age of 3, he's known his primary colors and the numbers one through ten in Spanish. Needless to say, he takes a keen interest in foreign language. Recently, I was able to check out a new online Spanish-learning program for kids, called Speekee.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. Read Disclosure.

Speekee is a fully-online Spanish language learning program, recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 11 years old. The program utilizes videos, games, hands-on activities, printable worksheets, flash cards, and a plethora of other tools to help children learn to speak and write Spanish.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harvey Prince: Eau Fling Review & Giveaway

Some people like to call my collection of body fragrances an obsession. I call it being prepared. It's always nice to have a scent for every mood and every occasion, even if those bottles take up nearly two shelves in the hallway closet.

Today, not only am I excited to add to my ever-growing collection, but also to tell you about the fragrance that I've recently tried out--one that is quite different from the fragrances I currently own.

Enter Eau Fling from Harvey Prince.

Enter for your chance to win one of 3 Harvey Prince Eau Fling fragrances (50 mL, $55 value)! Check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post!

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost.