Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paid to Write: Yahoo! Voices (Associated Content, Yahoo! Contributor Network)

Get paid to write online with Yahoo! Voices

* After a long run, Yahoo! Voices has since been discontinued.

* This post may contain affiliate links.

Yahoo! Voices was the first online cash opportunity that crossed my path. Back in 2007, it was called "Associated Content." Later, the name was changed to "Yahoo! Contributor Netowork." After the Google algorithm changes, the Yahoo! Contributor Network removed 75,000 articles from it's database and changed it's name to Yahoo! Voices.

To date, I've submitted over 90 articles to Yahoo! Voices, many of which were removed after the algorithm changes.

I used to enjoy writing for Yahoo! Voices, but times change, and I soon realized that I could get paid more writing for other paid to write websites.

Despite this, I still believe the website can benefit those of you just getting started, so here is a little more information about the paid to write website, "Yahoo! Voices."

How much can you earn at Yahoo! Voices?

Prior to the Google algorithm changes, I was earning $15 per month with my 90+ articles. As of March 31, 2014, I earn well below that amount. Each month, I count pennies from Yahoo! Voices. Many of my articles were removed which significantly decreased my pay. Obviously Google's changes had a pretty powerful effect. And Yahoo! Voices isn't the only "content mill" that was affected by Panda algorithm changes.

If you're still interested in writing for Yahoo! Voices, you should know that they also offer upfront payment for original, informational writing. Articles that are paid for upfront also receive revenue share. The highest upfront payment that I've received from Yahoo! Voices was $4 for a 500-word article about tanning bed bulbs.

While the pay at Yahoo! Voices is not as significant as other paid-to-write websites, they do offer perks that similar sites do not. Like the sense of community. And the fact that they accept creative work (i.e., poetry, song lyrics, short stories).

Get paid to write with Yahoo! Voices.

When does Yahoo! Voices pay? What payment method do they use?

Payment for upfront articles is made within two weeks after the article is published. Keep in mind that it could take up to two weeks before the article is reviewed. Performance payments are made around the 10th of each month for the prior month's earnings. All payments are made via PayPal.

As a freelancer, YOU are responsible for paying your taxes at the end of the year, since Yahoo! Voices does not take taxes out of your payment.

How can I earn more with Yahoo! Voices?

If you consistently publish high-quality, original content and keep keyword density at no more than 7% on each article, then you'll increase your chances of success with Yahoo! Voices. Staying involved in the community by posting in the forums and commenting on the work of others will help you build readership. The earning potential here is not substantial, and I'd say that at best, you can expect to earn a couple hundred dollars per year. You should save the rest of your time for higher-paying gigs.

Best of luck!

Sign up for a Yahoo! Voices account here.

Do you write for Yahoo! Voices? Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think!


  1. I have create a account but no any more response
    to pay per view.
    Just It: Articles, Video, Slideshow
    How can register.


  2. Hello there.

    If you're looking to register an account, you can use this link:

    If you have already created an account and were wondering how to publish, just sign in and visit the Yahoo! Voices "Help" page:

    You can also learn more about earning money on Yahoo! Voices by checking out this link on their Help page:

    I hope I've answered your question. If you have anymore, feel free to ask! :)


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