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Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Yahoo! Voices (Associated Content, Yahoo! Contributor Network)

Work From Home with Yahoo! Voices

* After a long run, Yahoo! Voices has been discontinued.

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Yahoo! Voices was the first "earn money online" opportunity that crossed my path. Back in 2007, it was under the name "Associated Content." About a year or so later, the name was changed to the Yahoo! Contributor Network. After the Google algorithm changes, this online paid to write website switched the the simple title of Yahoo! Voices.

From 2007 to 2011, I submitted over 90 articles to Yahoo! Voices, many of which were removed after the algorithm changes. This frustrated me, as I had no backups of the published pieces, so they were lost forever.

Once upon a time, I really enjoyed getting paid to write for Yahoo! Voices, but times change and I soon realized that I could earn money writing for other websites. Despite this, I still hold the old Yahoo! Voices in high regard as it allowed me to build a basic writing resume. It was a way to make money online while also establishing myself as a freelance writer.

* Yahoo! Voices is no longer in operation, so the information below no longer applies.

How much can you earn at Yahoo! Voices?

Before the Google algorithm changes, I was earning approximately $15 per month with 90+ articles. Obviously, this is not a lot of money, but it was a little extra spending money that I earned online. By March 31, 2014, I was earning well below that amount. Each month, I was counting pennies from Yahoo! Voices. Many of my articles were removed which significantly reduced my online earnings. After Google's algorithm update, Yahoo! Voices suffered and wasn't the only "content mill" that was affected by Panda algorithm changes.

Yahoo! Voices offered upfront payment for articles that were original and informative. These articles also received a monthly revenue share. The highest upfront payment that I ever received from Yahoo! Voices was $4 for a 500-word article about tanning bed bulbs. Unfortunately, this is slave labor in my eyes today, but at the time, I was a beginner so I tried to make the most of the online paid writing opportunity.

The one thing that I loved more about getting paid to write with Yahoo! Voices was the sense of community and the fact that they accepted creative work such as poetry, song lyrics, and short stories.

When does Yahoo! Voices pay? What payment method do they use?

Back when Yahoo! Voices was up and running, the payment for upfront articles was made within two weeks after the article was published. Performance payments were made around the 10th of the month for the prior month's earnings. All payments were made via PayPal.

How can I earn more with Yahoo! Voices?

Earning more with Yahoo! Voices required lots of work. Those who consistently published high-quality, original content and kept their keyword density at no more than 7% on each article had a better chance of success. Staying involved in the community by posting in the forums and commenting on the work of others helped build readership. The earning potential on Yahoo! Voices was not substantial and at best, you could expect to earn a couple hundred dollars per year. In my opinion, it was best to save the rest of your time for high-paying writing gigs.

Did you write for Yahoo! Voices? Share a story in the comments!


  1. I have create a account but no any more response
    to pay per view.
    Just It: Articles, Video, Slideshow
    How can register.


  2. Hello there.

    If you're looking to register an account, you can use this link:

    If you have already created an account and were wondering how to publish, just sign in and visit the Yahoo! Voices "Help" page:

    You can also learn more about earning money on Yahoo! Voices by checking out this link on their Help page:

    I hope I've answered your question. If you have anymore, feel free to ask! :)


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