Sunday, May 15, 2011

Complete Surveys for Money: ZoomPanel

ZoomPanel is a survey sit where members complete surveys in exchange for points. It's very similar to Opinion Outpost, where you sign up, receive surveys, and complete them for points (that are given a cash value).

Points on ZoomPanel may be redeemed for gift cards from several different retailers, including Amazon, Subway, and various others.

After sign up, you'll be directed to complete a few profile questionnaires. Once you've finished the questionnaire, you'll be prompted to take a survey. Before the survey, you'll be given a "test survey" that makes sure you're paying attention to detail and taking your time reading every question.

Once you've completed and passed the test, you will be directed to a real survey. If you qualify and complete the survey, your account will be credited with the amount of points the survey was worth.

How much does ZoomPanel pay?

With ZoomPanel, you can redeem points for Prepaid Visa Cards, Amazon Gift Card Credits, or gift cards from various other retailers. You must have at least 25,000 points to redeem—a cash value of $25. The first survey that I took with ZoomPanel was worth 600 points.

How much can you earn with ZoomPanel? 

You're NOT going to get rich or even earn a steady income with ZoomPanel. You can, however, earn gift cards and prepaid Visas that you could give as gifts during the holidays to save you a little cash.

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Do you complete surveys for ZoomPanel? Have anything to add?

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