Sunday, May 15, 2011

Online Data Entry Work From Home Job: Key For Cash (Now Virtual Bee)

 *Key For Cash is now Virtual Bee. Your log in information should remain the same. The information in the post below may or may not currently be relevant.

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Online Data Entry job - Work at home with Key For Cash.

I'm a fast typer. And I enjoy typing. Needless to say, Key For Cash was an exciting opportunity for me.

Does Key For Cash have an application process?

Sort of. Potential typists are put through a test phase to determine whether or not they're qualified to work for Key For Cash. After signing up via the home page, you'll have three different tests to complete: letters only, alpha-numeric, and numeric. Be sure to read the guidelines or else you're likely to make mistakes and receive a low score. Certain categories have different guidelines, so keep that in mind.

You may revisit Key For Cash at anytime to retake the test and hopefully increase your scores.

It may take months, even years for you to be accepted. It took me 6 months. Once you're accepted, you're able to sign in to the service and begin entering data immediately.

How often does Key For Cash pay? How much can you earn?

Key For Cash pays once a week if your account balance is or exceeds $30 on the payment date. Payments are made via check. If you have less than $30 on the payment date, you will not receive a check for that payment period, and your earnings will roll over.

Earning potential at Key For Cash depends on the amount you're earning per 1000 correctly keyed entries, how often you work, your typing speed, and your overall accuracy. Currently, I earn .40 per 1000 correctly keyed entries. Based on research, however, I've found that the amount you're paid with Key For Cash is constantly changing. Some typists claim to only be earning .25 per 1000 correctly keyed entries.

Earning potential is on the low end, although more than ChaCha transcribers earn.

Is the work enjoyable?

I'd say that the work is enjoyable, although a bit repetitive. I love to type and I'm pretty good at it, so it's not abnormal for me to "key for cash" whenever I'm bored.

It is worth nothing that work is not always available. Sometimes at Key For Cash, there are "dry" seasons where there is very little or no work to choose from.

Visit Key For Cash by clicking here.

Do you have experience working for Key For Cash? What do you think?


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