Sunday, May 15, 2011

Online Data Entry Work From Home Job: Key For Cash (Now Virtual Bee)

Key For Cash, at one point, was an exciting opportunity where you could earn money by doing simple data-entry jobs.

Update: Sheesh! It would seem that nearly every online job I shared in 2011 is now rebranded or no longer in operation. I suppose a lot can change in five years. With that said, Key For Cash is now Virtual Bee—and now Virtual Bee is accessed through Lionbridge. Because Key For Cash is now rebranded and operating under a different company and name, the information below may not be totally accurate. If you have experience working with Virtual Bee, please leave a comment detailing your experience.

When I first found out about Key For Cash, I signed up right away. I was put through a series of tests to determine whether or not I was qualified for the job. There were three different tests to complete: letters only, alpha-numeric, and numeric. After reading through the guidelines, I passed the tests with flying colors.

Here's what the website looked like back in 2011:

It took me six months to receive my approval letter via email. Once I was accepted, I signed in to the service and started work immediately.

Key For Cash paid once a week, as long as the account balance met the minimum threshold of $30. Payments were made via check. Earnings less than $30 at the end of the month would roll over to the next payment period.

Earning potential at Key For Cash depended on how often you worked, your typing speed, and overall accuracy. I was earning $0.40 per 1,000 correctly keyed entries. Earning potential was clearly on the low end of the spectrum, although it was more than what ChaCha transcribers earned at the time.

Key For Cash was a website that I rarely visited; I focused my efforts on higher-paying positions.

I plan to sign up for Virtual Bee via Lionbridge, so I will update here when and if I begin work with them. Stay tuned!


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