Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Break Studios

Update: Break Studios is now defunct. The last payment owed to me was never paid out and the website has since disappeared. This post has been edited to reflect Break Studios as it was.

I used to get paid to write with Break Studios.

Break Studios, now defunct, was once my favorite paid writing platforms. I was accepted as a writer in 2010 but didn't start writing with the company until 2011. The site was similar to the way Demand Media Studios operated, but the pay was significantly less.

Did Break Studios have an application process?

When I first signed up for Break Studios in 2010, there was an application process. The application required a writing resume, samples of your work, as well as proof (if any) of your expertise. Unlike other paid-to-write websites, Break Studios allowed you to submit previously published samples in the application process.

What did Break Studios expect from writers?

What I found particularly interesting about Break Studios was that they asked writers to implement personality into their posts. Unlike most technical writing gigs, Break Studios allowed writers a little creativity. Humor was highly encouraged, so writing for Break Studios was a fun way to pass time and earn a little cash.

All articles were required to be between 250 and 700 words. The word count was not flexible. Even if you were a single word over, you could not submit your work until it the word count was met (and not exceeded).

How much did Break Studios pay and when did they pay?

With Break Studios, you would earn an average of $8 per article. Subject matters were less technical than Demand Media Studios, although they did require a bit of research. Despite this, because most posts could be written in less than an hour, you could easily earn $16+ per hour with Break Studios. Payments were issued once a month via PayPal.

How much could you earn with Break Studios?

It was incredibly easy to product three quality articles in an hour. Break Studios allowed me to earn $24 per hour.

It should be noted that if the content pool is empty, you cannot claim articles to write. Therefore, I never relied on Break Studios as my main income source. Also, if review times were slow, your article would remain in the review queue for up to a week.

Anything else I should know?

Throughout most of the day, the Break Studios content pool was empty. I spent hours trying to figure out when articles were added. I logged in constantly and finally found that between noon and 1 p.m, there were at least three pages of work. At midnight, there were even more (all Eastern Standard Time). Titles went extremely fast, so I had to grab them quickly.

Review times were painstakingly slow, sometimes taking a week or more to be approved. The maximum claim amount was 10, including those under review, which sometimes made earning difficult.

Most of Break Studios articles dealt with pop culture. If you weren't familiar with the entertainment industry, including movies, music, and celebrities, then the work wasn't for you.

Did you ever write for Break Studios? What are some of the memories that you have?

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