Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Info Barrel

Get paid to write with Info Barrel. Work at home and write online.

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The Info Barrel monetary system works similarly to HubPages. You earn revenue through your own Google ads that are placed on the pages of your work.

Info Barrel is more than a way to earn a little cash. It also allows you to interact with other writers who share similar interests. You can get involved in debates, conversations, and even post reviews on the work of others.

How does Info Barrel determine pay?

As mentioned previously, Info Barrel does not pay you. The money is earned via Google Adsense, so it is Google Adsense who will issue your check. Info Barrel keeps 25% of your earnings, while you earn 75%.

I recommend Info Barrel as a supplement to other residual income websites.

How much can I earn with Info Barrel?

Earning potential depends on how often you submit high-quality, original content, as well as your SEO skills.

Does Info Barrel have a referral program?

Yes. Once a friend signs up and produces content, you'll begin receiving 2% of their earnings based on their Google ad impressions. If you have a lot of friends willing to sign up and consistently produce content, you can make some big bucks.

If you're interested, sign up with Info Barrel.

Do you submit content for Info Barrel? What are your thoughts?


  1. I did not know you can go with Info Barrel and they could help drive traffic for you. That is why I read everyday. I always learn something new. Good luck to everyone out there.

  2. @Missy When you post articles on InfoBarrel, the site receives traffic through its members and through search engines, so basically, you write and the rest is taken care of for you.


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