Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Quality Gal

 *Quality Gal has become Online Writing Jobs. The information below may no longer apply.

Get paid to write with Quality Gal. Work at home!

Quality Gal pays freelancers to create content for their clients.

Does Quality Gal have an application process?

Yes. After registering with the panel, you're required to fill out and send in the required forms via fax or email. The forms include a writer application, a confidentiality agreement, a content release form, and a W8 (for non-U.S. residents) or a W9 form (for U.S. residents).

Once your paperwork has been reviewed, you will be contacted IF Quality Gal thinks you're a good match. A test will then be sent out to your email address. Upon completion of the test, Quality Gal Paymwill either approve or deny your application. If after 90 days you have not been contacted, you're welcome to reapply.

How much does Quality Gal pay?

Payment per article is between $12 and $25. Submissions containing more links are worth more than those containing less. Your accepted work is paid for every Friday via PayPal, but you MUST submit an invoice by 3 p.m. EST on Thursdays in order to be paid.

How much can I earn with Quality Gal?

How much you can earn depends on how often you're able to claim titles and produce high-quality work. If you're able to produce ten $15 articles within a week, you'll be earning an extra $600 per month.

I am not a writer for Quality Gal, so all information here was received through the Quality Gal website, which, by the way, is very specific.

Visit Quality Gal to find out more!

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