Friday, July 1, 2011

Downy Unstopables Are The Best Smell in the World

Downy Unstopables Review

[Disclaimer: I was provided a free full-size sample of Downy Unstopables before writing this review. Keep in mind, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. My reviews are honest and include both negative and positive aspects of products/services. View full blog disclosure.]

I'm a loyal fan of Gain products. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, air freshener, dish soap, you name it! I never imagined that there was a scent that could trump my love for Gain. And I was wrong.

Downy Unstopables are in-wash scent boosting beads that you sprinkle into your washer drum before tossing in your laundry. The beads dissolve and the scent molecules attach to your clothing, resulting in freshness that lasts for up to a MONTH when stored in a linen closet. No. Freaking. Joke.

On first glance, I was impressed. The packaging was eye-catching, a 13.2 ounce curvy bottle, and the beads were visible through three convenient little "raindrop windows" on the front. Finally, there was a "Squeeze and Sniff" label that I immediately utilized.


Ahhhhhhh....I wish you could smell it. Are they even working on smell-o-vision anymore? Huh.

Anyway, the smell is SO good. I'm talking better than a chocolate brownie lava cake good when it's that time of the month. It's absolutely intoxicating. And it gets better.

You see, my husband works in the food service industry. Sometimes, he works 16 hours a day. It is very, very difficult to get the smell of food out of his uniforms, even after two or three washes. But not with Downy Unstopables.

I sprinkled about half a cap full into the washer and turned on the water. I tossed in his uniforms and let my 14-year-old washer do it’s thing. As soon as the washer was finished spinning, I opened that bad boy up and grabbed the damp clothes and shoved my nose into them. Oh…my…it worked! The food scent was gone and the clothes smelled just like the beads in the bottle. A dream come true!

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