Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Craft Bits

Get paid to write about crafts!

Craft Bits is seeking writers for their professional program to submit craft tutorials for their blog. Get paid to write tutorials on crafts. Prior to submitting an entire article, send your idea proposal to staff [at] Include a picture of the project so Craft Bits may see what the finished product looks like.

If you're idea is accepted, Craft Bits will give you the go ahead to begin writing the article. Submissions must be written clearly with step-by-step instructions. While there is no word limit for articles, an article that is deemed too short or too long may be sent back for alterations. Each and every submission should have at least one photograph. If there are any difficult steps requiring a visual aid, you MUST include a picture to help readers get through the step with ease. Photographs should be taken against a white background.

Payment is made via PayPal and is submitted to your account after publication of your submission.

For each submission, writers are paid up to $45. If projects are more complex, fees may be negotiated with Craft Bits.

Craft Bits retains all rights to your work. Your submission may not be published again without permission from Craft Bits. All submissions must be your own original ideas.

Note: If your submission is not up to par, Craft Bits may ask for edits on the assignment. After three attempts to get the article in order, Craft Bits will pay out a $10 cancellation fee to the writer. After this fee is paid, Craft Bits has no further obligations with the writer. If the resubmitted piece (after edits) is different from the original that you sent in, Craft Bits has no obligation to pay any fee to the writer.

I do not have personal experience with Craft Bits. All information provided was from the Craft Bits website. If you have personal experience with Craft Bits, I urge you to leave a comment below.

Submit your proposals to staff [at]
For more information, visit

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