Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Crazy Leaf Design


Online Writing Job Listing: Crazy Leaf Design

Get paid for online copywriting.

Crazy Leaf Design is currently seeking writers to contribute in topics such as graphic design, web design, photoshop, vectorial graphics, programming, tutorials and more. If you're experienced in any of these topics, send in your article. If it's published, you'll receive monetary compensation. So, to break it down, you'll get paid to write articles on design and programming topics.

All file submissions must be sent in a ZIP or RAR file. Submissions should be sent to crazyleafdesigns [at] gmail.com. In the subject line, write "Guest Article."

Articles MUST be submitted using the HTML article template. If articles are not written in that template, your article may not be reviewed for submission.

Submissions must be at least 800 words and include at least 2 images. You must have permission to use the images and give permission to Crazy Leaf Design to publish the images on their website. Articles with hidden advertising or affiliate links will not be accepted. All material must be 100% original and unique.

When submitting your article, be sure to include your PayPal email address so that you will be paid. If the article is published on the blog, you'll receive payment. Depending on the quality, length, and complexity of the article, pay rates start at $20 per submission.

If you're an exceptional writer and are capable of submitting 10 high-quality articles per week, you're able to earn upwards of $800 per month. If you are hired as a regular writer, payment may be negotiated to a higher rate, so your earning potential may increase.

I do not have personal experience writing for Crazy Leaf Design.

For more information, visit http://www.crazyleafdesign.com/blog/contributors/

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  1. Thanks for the thorough details. They have been on my radar for quite some time and I finally have some ideas for what I'd like to write about.


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