Monday, August 22, 2011

Paid Blogging Sites: Get Paid to Write for Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design - Paid Blogging Site

Get paid to blog with Pro Blog Design!

Pro Blog Design is seeking new writers to write on topics such as PHP, JavaScript, web design, Photoshop tutorials (relating to web design), SEO, and others. If you have expertise in any of the above topics, get paid to write and receive promotion from Pro Blog Design!


Pro Blog Design is NOT seeking research writers. They want writers who are experts in their field and are able to write intimately about the topic. If you're a web design fanatic, you may have what it takes to be a Pro Blog Design writer.

How much does Pro Blog Design pay?

Monetary compensation for Pro Blog Design writers is substantial. For each post, you will receive either $100 or $150. List posts and tutorials on basic topics are paid $100, whereas more complex, in-depth topics (1,500 words) are paid $125 each.

Writers also receive back links to their website, full credit for the article, and articles will appear in Google search results when someone searches your name. This is wonderful for promotion and credit as an expert in your field.

How much can I earn with Pro Blog Design?

You have the potential to earn a high income, depending on how often you're able to post. For example, posting 5 articles per week at $100 per piece will equal out to $500 a week before taxes, or $2000 a month, before taxes.

I do not have personal experience with Pro Blog Design.

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