Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Guest Bloggers

If you're blog is a little bland, consider hooking up with a few guest bloggers to submit unique content. Blog Synergy is here for that purpose alone. It is basically a community for bloggers where they're able to follow one another and search for guest bloggers and blogs to write for. Positions are not paid, but Blog Synergy is an excellent way to find free guest bloggers.

As an added bonus, Blog Synergy allows bloggers to submit original, high-quality articles to their directory and earn 100% revenue based on advertisements.

After choosing a blog, you create a post that relates to your blog and the blog you're writing for. At the bottom of the post, you're able to include a quality link back to your blog to gain exposure. This works both ways. Either you write a guest post for a blog, or have a guest write a post for you. You're allowed to do both if you so choose.

Check out Blog Synergy now or learn more.

I am a member of Blog Synergy. I have yet to use their services, but I hope to add a few guest bloggers in the near future. When I'm ready, I will search on Blog Synergy and also post a "Writers Wanted" page here on the blog.

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