Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paid to Blog: Social Spark


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Social Spark is basically a blog marketing platform used to connect advertisers with bloggers. Bloggers create sponsored posts based on the advertiser's request.

After signing up, you register your blog with the site. You then search for opportunities based on your blog's niche.

I believe that the advertiser's choose the price for the post. I'm not sure whether the price is negotiable or not.

Besides blog opportunities, Social Spark also has a referral program where users earn a 5% commission on their referral's earnings. After referring 5 users, the rate goes up to 7.5%. After you've referred 15, the rate increases to 10% and so on until you recruit 50 members where the rate sits at a pretty 15%. Not too shabby.

If you're interested in blogging with Social Spark, click here or learn more.

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