Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freelance Slacker

I've been slacking.

Truth is, since DMS announced the "First Look" program, or "Flook" program, as many writers like to call it, I've taken a much-needed hiatus to reflect on the direction of my writing career. Every now and then, I check for titles, but since October 5, 2011, I've been unable to find a single title. Needless to say, I've virtually given up. Without titles, I'm unable to raise my grammar score and without raising my grammar score, I'm unable to get into the First Look program. *Sigh.*

In the end, the "virtual layoff" may be a blessing in disguise for those of us who weren't accepted into the FL program. Not only are we more aware that freelance positions don't last forever, no matter how promising they may seem, but also, we now have the initiative to find other opportunities.

Since the announcement, I've been focusing more energy on Constant Content. I was browsing through the forums one day and I came across a post stating that once you submit 5 accepted articles, you have a 70% chance of selling. I decided to test that out. I submitted 5 articles and sure enough, a week later, I had sold one. Since then, I've written two more and I've sold 4 articles since October totaling $78.00 from CC alone. So, for those of you still holding on to the life strings of DMS, instead of wasting your time refreshing the title pool every 5 seconds, write a few articles for Constant Content. Did I mention that you dictate how much the articles are worth?

As for the blog, I realize that there is much work to be done. To be honest, I truly believe that the Google algorithm changes may very soon cause the demise of content mills, if it hasn't already. The Yahoo! Contributor's Network just deleted 75,000 articles from it's database only 2 months after DMS announced the virtual layoff of 80% of its writers.

From here on out, I will begin to veer away from listing content farms, and instead focus on websites where readers are able to sell their own work, or work with private clients on single projects.

If you have anything to add or questions/concerns, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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