Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Sites to Refer Friends, Make Money - No Experience, No Degree

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If you have no experience or expertise, you may find it difficult to earn money online, especially when you're competing with others who have college degrees. Fortunately, there are still ways to earn cash online, although you're going to have to have plenty of patience and determination.

Referral programs are an excellent way to earn some extra cash without requiring a degree or expertise. In fact, if you're able to use a computer, that's really all you need to know. While you're not going to get filthy rich---unless, of course, you have thousands of legitimate friends who are willing to sign up for these websites---you do have the potential to earn a couple hundred dollars each month.

I use the following referral programs because they're user-friendly and they've always paid out.

CashCrate - Most people tend to stay away from websites like these because of the spam that's sent out after signing up for surveys/offers. I say that there is an easy way around it. Make a separate email address! It's that simple! Anyway, with CashCrate, I've earned over $30 within the past year, without doing a thing. Sure, it's chump change, but I didn't have to work for it. My friends simply signed up, started cranking out surveys and offers, and I reaped the rewards.

Points2Shop - I joined Points2Shop because I wanted an Amazon gift card so that I could order a belt for our vacuum without paying a penny. And it worked! The belt shipped two days ago! Anyway, after joining Points2Shop (completely free), you'll earn $.50 for every referral who signs up and confirms their accounts, $.50 when they complete their first offer, plus 15% of his/her referrals' earnings, 3% of their referrals' referrals' earnings, plus 2% of their referrals', referrals' referrals' earnings. Still with me? In other words, it's a 3 tier referral program, plus two bonuses.

Earn Gift Cards

InstaGC - Earn points by completing tasks such as downloading apps, making phone calls, visiting websites, completing surveys, etc. and redeem those points for free Amazon gift cards. You can also earn gift cards from stores like Target, Walmart, and more! Click here to visit InstaGC!

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