Wednesday, February 6, 2013

100% Bamboo Bedding - Sleep in Luxury

*This is a sponsored post.

My husband is all about comfort when it comes to sleeping. And I'm not just talking about the bed itself. I'm talking about the box spring, the mattress, the frame, a foam cover, the sheets, the comforter, and of course, the pillows. Usually, men will complain when a woman shops for sheets, but not my husband. He is the one who will spend hours deciding which material is best.

Today, I came across an article about bamboo bed sheets. This was fascinating to me, as I had never heard of bed sheets being made from such a hard, fast-growing plant. I always pictured bamboo as a rock-hard rod, shoved into the ground as a tiki torch stand. As it turns out, it's a versatile plant and can be used for numerous purposes, including bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows, pillow cases, and more. Who knew?

I'll tell you who knew. SleepBamboo knew! "We sell bamboo sheets," was the first thing that caught my eye. After coming across their Facebook page, I was quite surprised with the information I was presented.

Did you know that SleepBamboo's products are made from 100% bamboo fibers, are environmentally friendly, and are completely organic? They've been producing bamboo bed products for over 9 years and are dedicated to providing customers with luxurious bedding that is biodegradable and safe for the planet.

Going green never sounded so good.

My husband is going to be impressed.

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