Monday, February 4, 2013

Stop Stepping in Poo - Professional Pooper Scoopers

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When we brought our dog, Buddha, into our family, he was three months old. He was highly intelligent, and within two weeks, I had him housebroken. I was incredibly excited that he had learned so quickly, but it wasn't long before I realized that dog poo in the backyard is sometimes just as annoying and disgusting as dog poo in the house---especially when you have small children.

Because of the snow, we haven't been outside much, but yesterday, we decided to make a snowman. I ended up stepping in a pile of fresh dog poop, and it really bothered me. After cleaning off my shoe and finishing up our work of art, I went inside to research "pooper scooper" services.

NOTE: You might think it sounds lazy to hire a pooper scooper service, but keep in mind, I am 9-months pregnant and we have quite a few cats that run around the area. Cat feces are dangerous to pregnant women because of a chemical that it contains. Also, there are many individuals who are not mobile who could still use such services to keep a clean yard for guests.

Through my research, I came across "Pooperoni" (catchy little name, isn't it?). The first thing that sparked my interest is the visually appealing site. I love a good-looking site. If I can't find what I came for with a quick scan, I'll leave. The Pooperoni website is neat, easy to navigate, and pretty straight-forward in regards to what services they provide. There are no intrusive ads, which is a plus in my book!

What I liked most is the "Find" option. You can use it to find services in your area, along with the map to find out where they have services available and in what states.

Depending on which option you select when signing up for pooper scooper services, the professional pooper scoopers will visit your house one or more per week to clean up your lawn. I could definitely get used to that!

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