Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stay Away from Blog Distributor (Review)

Late last year, I came across a website called "Blog Distributor" which claimed to pay bloggers for posting specific blog posts on their websites. I skimmed through their FAQs and thought it seemed legit so I gave it a shot.
Now, I don't like to write bad reviews, but this particular "paid-to-write" website has been nothing but trouble since day one. It says in their FAQs that they pay once a month but it has literally been nearly six months and I have yet to receive a payment. What's worse is that I've written them several e-mails with no response whatsoever, not even an automated message acknowledging that they've received my e-mail.
I looked up some other reviews and many other bloggers are having the same issues with this company. Blog Distributor is unprofessional and shady in their dealings. I have never worked for a company this bad, so to all bloggers out there, stay far away. And to those of you looking to be one of their clients, I would steer clear because you're paying them, yet they are not paying their writers. That will look horrible as far as your reputation goes.
This is just a quick review from my mobile phone, but I felt it was necessary due to the overwhelming amount of negativity between Blog Distributor and it's writers. I will go a little more in depth when I reach my computer and update, if necessary, but I no longer intend to write for this company.
I would recommend that you stay far away.

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