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Work-from-Home in the Adult Entertainment Industry

Disclaimer: I understand that not everyone is interested in adult work-at-home positions, but many are open to any and all ways to earn easy money online. If a job as an online adult entertainer is not something you're interested in, then please move on to my full list of other ways to earn money online from home. This post may be considered NSFWThis post contains affiliate links.

It should come as no surprise that the adult entertainment industry is one of the top money makers in the world. Despite the popularity of the sex industry, it's still considered "taboo." We humans are curious by nature, so when something is deemed "inappropriate" by society, our interest is piqued. Perhaps this is why the sex industry is so lucrative?

Even though sex work is considered taboo in many countries, jobs in the online adult entertainment business aren't as rare as you might think. As a matter of fact, there are literally dozens upon dozens of opportunities to earn cash from home in this industry.

So, if you're tired of the same old freelance work, aren't camera shy, and can wear confidence on your sleeve, working in the online business in adult entertainment might be just what you're looking for. After all, sex always sells.

Before you start to worry, relax. This type of adult entertainment work can be done solo. You won't have to be in movies with other people (unless you want to be, of course). You don't have to bare it all. There are tons of adult work-at-home positions where you don't even have to show your face!

If this sounds that something that interests you then get ready to dive in! There are so many work-at-home jobs in the adult entertainment industry that it will blow your mind. Read on to find out more.

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

A phone sex operator is a business opportunity that is easy to start up. And it's even easier to earn cash. Not only can you choose how much you earn, you also get to choose your hours. You even have the ability to choose what you will and will not discuss, so that you don't become uncomfortable.

If you have a sultry, sexy voice, you can earn cash by chit-chatting with men and women looking for company. Most of the time, you'll need your own dedicated phone line.

Many men and women have created lucrative businesses as PSOs by advertising their services online. Of course, many online classified websites have removed adult services, so you'll want to check all Terms and Conditions before advertising. There are websites like Extra Lunch Money, where you can advertise your phone sex services for free.

If this sounds like a business that you want to get into but don't know where to begin, Total Lip Service has you covered. Total Lip Service offers instructional packages that teach you how to make some serious money as a phone sex operator—all on your own terms. These packages range from $100 and up and teach you to work as an independent PSO, so that you're not working for anyone except yourself.\

For more information, check out Total Lip Service's phone sex operator training packages.

Webcam Models

Perhaps the most lucrative work-at-home job in the adult entertainment industry is adult webcam modeling. As mentioned before, as an adult webcam model, you do not have to bare it all. However, it should be noted that the models who do show all of their skin are the ones who typically earn the most money. So, how much money are we talking here? Well, on average, webcam models earn between $500 and $1,000 per 20-25 hour work week. That is quite a bit of pay for a part-time job. Many models find that they can work every other week and make a very high income. This is beneficial, as it allows them to spend time with their families, run businesses, and pursue alternate careers.

For more information on adult modeling, check out my in-depth explanation about online adult webcam modeling, or if you're ready to jump right in, become an adult webcam model.

You may also view a few live cams (Warning: NSFW! ADULT CONTENT) if you're interested in seeing what your job as an adult webcam model might be like.

Webcam Model Recruiting Agents

If modeling on camera is not the job for you, but you're still interested in becoming a part of the adult work-at-home industry, then why not work behind the scenes as a webcam model recruiting agent? As a recruiting agent, you find men, women, and couples willing to work as webcam models, and you have them sign up under you. Once they sign up, you will earn a percentage of their earnings. Get enough models, and you could be earning a lucrative income yourself. What are you waiting for? Become a webcam model recruiter today.

Training for Adult Webcam Models

If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of webcam modeling or want to start your own webcam modeling business without working under a company, check out Total Lip Service adult webcam training package. Total Lip Service offers packages for men and women looking to become webcam models. These packages cost $649.99 (you may also purchase à la carte) and include the following:

  • Phone Sex 101 Course ($149.99)
  • Webcam Modeling 101 Course ($199.99)
  • Niteflirt Navigation Course $60
  • Money Manifestation Video $60
  • 1 on 1 Niche Consultant ($50)
  • Custom Layout ($199.99)
  • Custom Bio ($99.99)
You can get 10% off with my code: FREELANCELADY

For more information on what all of this means and how it can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a high-paid adult entertainer, check out the Total Lip Service website.

Check out my full list of work at home jobs online.


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    1. Check out this post for more information on web cam modeling!

  2. Do you have any links for phone sex operator jobs?

    1. I do not, but I will be making a list soon!

  3. Hey my names rebecca and i wanna do adult web cam entertainment ☺ ive been browsing online to try and find a job to make movies too but i dont know where to start! Get bk to me xxx thanks xx

    1. Rebecca, you can start by checking out Internet Modeling! Refer to this post:

  4. Hey i'm francis and I wanna join this adult job thing..get back to me if there is vacancy for me😈

    1. There are always vacancies! Check out this post:

  5. My primary job is high profile and I need to disclose other employment. Any way to do this work anonymously??

    1. There are ways to block certain regions from viewing your videos. However, I'm not sure about the disclosure policy that your company has in place. You may want to review that further.

  6. Hi Emily. Can you please tell me the next step to becoming a phone sex operator?


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