Saturday, July 26, 2014

Get Blog Pictures That Stand Out With an Inexpensive Twist on a Light Box

I've never been much of a photographer, and being that I use my phone to take all of my pictures, I often need some tweaking to get my photos looking nice.

Recently, I started getting tired of the "ugly" photographs I was taking. Perhaps my feelings were induced by too much Pinterest browsing (there are some amazing pictures on there), but I digress. I remembered a Light Box tutorial that I saw awhile back, and decided to do something similar, although without the lights. Essentially, what I created is a backdrop box--a place where my products can sit so that the result is a plain white backdrop. Not only does it make the picture more appealing, but it also makes it much easier to edit.

Now, "light boxes" are made with fabric, and, well, lights. My "backdrop box," on the other hand uses white paper (from my son's art canvas) and sunlight from my front door.

Anyway, what you'll need is a square box, scissors, roll of white paper, or white fabric, and tape.

As you can see, the box had a "lip" on it in the front, so I just went ahead and cut that off. Easy peasy.

Next, I lay the paper across the box, leaving enough excess in the back and front to tape it in place.

Then, I taped the sides.

After that, I lay the paper across perpendicular to the first sheet of paper.

And finally, I taped those sides as well.

NOTE: Some people try to skip adding paper to the sides, but please do not do that. If you fail to cover the sides as well, the cardboard casts a brownish hue onto the paper.

Clearly it was a very easy job. Not pretty. But easy. And it gets the job done.

I did have one issue with creasing of the paper. I had to keep smoothing it out with my hands, so I totally understand why fabric is recommended. However, smoothing it out only took a couple of seconds.

To take the photographs, I set the box, facing the sun, in front of the door in my entryway, placed a product in the box, and snapped a photograph. Here is the result.

Now, it's not the brightest pictures, nor is it the most gorgeous picture. However, there aren't any dingy walls in the background, there are no people in the background. The product takes the spotlight, which is what I wanted.

And, since the background is white, it is much easier to edit. I brightened up the picture a bit.

It was still a little dull, but with a little PicMonkey image editing, here is the final result.

In the future, I hope to create a more aesthetically pleasing photography box. Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. This is ridiculously smart! I always just use a poster board and it is a pain, I am absolutely stealing this and making one! lol.

  2. You, my dear, are a genius!! Thank you so much! I am definitely pinning this because I always have such a problem when it comes to pics.

  3. Brilliant Idea! I have to try this too, thanks for sharing!

  4. This is genius. I used my white kitchen counter, but the lighting was always a bugger. This is perfect for my office worktable.

  5. Ahhh, I thought I so needed to get a light box. But now I know that I so just need to make one!


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