Monday, July 7, 2014

How I Make Room Scenes in Polyvore

Polyvore is an online community where members can take images of clothing, accessories, and even celebrities, and combine them to create a magazine-worthy collage.

Most people assume that Polyvore is strictly fashion, but did you know that you can create realistic room scenes in Polyvore as well?

When creating a "Set" there is a "Home" tag where you can find all sorts of furniture, backgrounds, and décor to create a room. You can even create outdoor scenes! These tools are useful when planning to redecorate your home, or just to try your hand at interior design.

To create a realistic room scene in Polyvore, you'll need to start with a blank "Set." You'll then start by adding a background. You can choose and resize a background from the "Backgrounds" section, or you can create one on your own (which is what I do, as it's more versatile).

To start, I choose two colors--one for the wall, and one for the flooring. I separate these two sections, top and bottom, and if I want more "detail" added to the floor, I'll use an overlay. In this case, I used a "Grunge" overlay on the flooring and adjusted the opacity.

Next, I add the basic hardware to the room (doors, windows, etc.). To find windows and doors, just do a quick search in the home section to find an ideal match. When adding hardware, you can also add things like stairs or balconies.

Once the hardware is in place, I start adding basic furniture. When designing a living room, I usually start with the sofas. In the case of a bedroom, I'll start with the bed, and then work my way around it. I also add tables, nightstands, etc.

One problem that you may run into is that the piece of furniture doesn't fit properly with the scene, or there are extra white pieces on the image that make it look tacky. This is when you need to take advantage of the "Custom Background" tool to remove those marks. You can also use "Custom Background" to change the shape of rugs and such, so that they fit nicely into your room instead of simply looking "flat."

Finally, I add curtains, rugs, and any other extra décor such as wall art, candles, books, flowers, and so on.

Once I'm finished, I save the room, and that's it! A beautifully designed, realistic room scene using only the tools and items available in Polyvore!


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