Friday, August 8, 2014

Australian Tea Tree Oil - Great For Dry, Itchy Scalp

Do you suffer from dry, itchy scalp? I do, and let me just say that it's not only annoying but it's also embarrassing. Having to scratch my head in public isn't attractive, and tiny white flakes on my black blouse isn't exactly the fashion statement I'm trying to make.

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I recently tried Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. This particular tea tree oil, unlike others, is pharmaceutical grade with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial fragrances. It contains no parabens, mineral oils, chemical solvents, and no petroleum. It is a 100% natural product harvested from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as the Narrow-Leaved Paperbark Tree.

Long ago, tea tree oil was used by native peoples as a topical agent for the skin. Today, we've created other uses for the product. Often used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and even to treat dry, itchy skin, tea tree oil is truly versatile.

With every 4 ounce bottle purchased by Apothecary Extracts, you also receive a free 100-page guide that lists over 50 different uses of Australian Tea Tree Oil, along with recipes. I decided to take advantage of the scalp shampoo to see if my dry, red, itchy scalp would benefit.

Prior to using the oil, I diluted it with olive oil using a 4 to 1 ratio, per the instructions. This allows you to check for any irritation that might occur. If irritation does occur, discontinue use. In my case, however, no irritation was present, so I proceeded with the recipe.

I'd like to note that after removing the lid, I noticed that Australian Tea Tree Oil has a very potent "piney" scent to it. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of Pine-Sol, without all of the synthetic chemicals.

Anyway, I washed my hair and scalp with the shampoo, paying particular attention to the driest areas of my scalp. After my shower, my scalp was still somewhat red from all of the scrubbing, but by the next day, my scalp was clear of any redness. As an added bonus, my scalp was no longer itchy and my hair felt soft and sleek.

Pictures of my scalp after using the Australian Tea Tree Oil. Notice there is no redness.
It left the same "piney" scent in my hair, but it wasn't as potent as it is straight from the bottle. Despite it being less potent, I still wasn't particularly fond of my hair smelling that way, so I ended up washing it again to remove the smell.

Because Australian Tea Tree Oil did relieve my dry, itchy scalp, I would definitely recommend it. However, I would also recommend adding some more scented essential oils to the recipe to mask the potency of the smell (if you're not fond of it).

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  1. I want to get into essential oils soon because I have heard about the many uses. I know tea tree oil has many uses.


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