Friday, October 24, 2014

Enter for Your Chance to Win: Another Harvey Prince Giveaway via Little Helpers in Life

I've teamed up with Amanda from Little Helpers in Life to bring you yet another Harvey Prince giveaway! See what she has to say about Harvey Prince Eau Fling perfume and enter for your chance to win!

I love wearing perfume. I love having all sorts of different scents to wear, so that it isn't the same thing for every day and every occasion. That being said, I go through a ton of perfume. Even on days I am just sitting at home, I like to just smell good it is a mood enhancer. 

Harvey Prince has a great line of different fragrances. I received Eau Fling to try. The first thing I noticed was the sleek design of the bottle of Eau Fling. It can go with you any where. I like to throw a fragrance in my purse to be able to give myself a spritz if it is needed (especially with changing diapers sometimes). And with Harvey Prince, it can go with me any where. In my purse, diaper bag, or even in my pocket. I traded in my clutches for a diaper bag just over a year ago now. And I know that if I was going out for a night on the town, it would be no thing to put this into my clutch. 

To describe the scent of Eau Fling, I would say it has a more fruity scent (which is my favorite. Including: Lavender, Blackcurrant, Plum, Raspberry, Apple, Jasmine.

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