Thursday, February 19, 2015

Luck of the "Draw": It's A Girl Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop

My sister is pregnant and expecting her daughter to arrive in June. As a congratulations, I wanted to do something for the child's father, his father, as well as my own father, to ease them into the world of fatherhood and "grandfatherhood," respectively.

I decided that cigars would be ideal. Imagine my surprise when I came across these Alec Bradley, "It's a Girl" cigars from Famous Smoke Shop.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

Before I touch on the "It's a Girl" cigars, I want to tell you a little more about Famous Smoke Shop. With 75 years in the cigar business, Famous Smoke Shop is a popular online destination for cigars, humidors, and cigar accessories. If you head on over to the Famous Smoke Shop website, you will find numerous brands, types, and flavors of cigars, along with accessories to keep your cigars at their best.

I received the "It's a Girl" cigars from Famous Smoke Shop after a very short wait. They were packaged in cellophane to prevent damage (contrary to popular belief, cigars are not stored in cellophane to maintain moisture).

First and foremost, I was pleased with the quality and design of the "It's a Girl" labels.

They were pink, of course, and featured floral designs throughout the label.

To give you an idea of how they look and feel outside of the cellophane, I presented a cigar to my father to congratulate him on becoming a grandpa again. I knew that my father would be able to tell me more about the quality of the cigars.

My dad explained that the cigars were rather dry, which was indicated by the way that the outer shell had started to peel. It was very subtle, but he told me about the "pinch test," as a way to determine the freshness of a cigar. At first, I thought that this meant that the cigar quality was inferior. However, he went on to explain that that was not the case.

He explained that within 24 hours after a cigar leaves a humidor, it dries out. Due to the fact that the product was shipped to me, the time left exposed to the air meant that it didn't have enough moisture to maintain it's freshness. My dad then explained that in order to get the cigar tasting, smelling, and feeling fresh again, he would need to place it into a humidor and gradually increase humidity. Introducing humidity too quickly, he said, could result in "mushrooming" of the tip, which could cause the cigar to split.

My dad has yet to try the cigar, as he is keeping it in a humidor for now, but what I can say is this:

The cigars are wrapped tightly, they smell nice, and are an ideal gift for an expecting father or a new grandpa. If you want to give them away as gifts, however, I would recommend that you place them in a humidor and gradually increase the humidity until they are fresh. Once they're ready to smoke, carry them with you in your humidor and present them to the parties directly from the box to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

If you need to purchase cigars, no matter the occasion, head on over to Famous Smoke Shop!

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  1. I was intrigued by the photo - I can remember the days when smokers and nonsmokers always handed out cigars to celebrate the birth. And thanks to your dad - his info on pinch test, humidor and humidity was all news to me.


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