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May The Force Be With You: Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas & Decor

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Haven't you heard? The Star Wars Rebel cartoon is on the horizon which means that the long-loved Star Wars movie is beginning to rise in popularity again among young children.

You may begin noticing your children taking an interest in Star Wars, and quite possibly even asking for Star Wars Party Supplies, even though their birthday is months away. With that said, as parents, we all know that it's never too early to be prepared!

Below are a few ideas for a Star Wars Rebels-themed party, along with products from Birthday Express.

Star Wars Birthday Invitations

Invitations are perhaps one of the most important aspects of a birthday party. Without guests, the party cannot go on! There are numerous different ways to implement the Star Wars theme into your party decorations.

An invite, using the infamous scrolling-style text, including the party information is an excellent and fun way to engage young readers and provide all of the details for the event.

Alternatively, a simple card with a picture of the birthday boy or girl dressed as a Jedi, holding a light saber (which could be as easy as taping a glow stick to the invite), is an interactive way to let party guests know where to navigate their spacecruisers.

If you don't have time to design your own Star Wars invitations, Birthday Express has you covered.

With their complete Star Wars Rebels "Party In A Box" kits, you'll have invitations, plus all of the other goodies you need to throw a Jedi-worthy party!

Star Wars Food & Drink Ideas

Getting creative with food and drink ideas is a critical part of planning a Star Wars birthday party. Check out the fun food ideas below!

Light Saber Kebabs

Stick fruits, vegetables, and/or meats onto a skewer, leaving an area to grip. Wrap the grip area with duct tape and then decorate it with a permanent marker like a light saber handle!

Storm Trooper Cupcakes

Decorate cupcakes with white icing, stick a large marshmallow on top, and decorate the marshmallow like the helmet of a Storm Trooper.

If you're short on time, you can also set up a snack bar or a food bar and get creative with the names of the foods. For example, "Yoda's Yum Station" could be a dessert bar, Vader's Veggies, or Jedi Jelly Beans are only a few examples.

Don't forget the cakes! With so many symbols and characters representing Star Wars, the options are virtually endless. Think light sabers, starcruisers, Yoda, Storm Troopers, and so much more!

Star Wars Table Styling

Decorating your tables is an essential part of bringing the Star Wars theme into your little ones birthday party. Birthday Express offers Star Wars Rebels plastic table covers, plates, cups, napkins, star centerpieces, and more!

Some additional ideas for table styling include star confetti, lots of glow sticks, and more!

Star Wars Party Decorations

It's not a party without balloons, crepe paper, and banners! Fortunately for you, Birthday Express includes all of the supplies in the Party In A Box Kit!

Other examples of Star Wars Birthday Party decorating include large photos of Darth Vader, Yoda, or Jedis. To really get into the Star Wars theme, you can have the theme sound playing in the background!

Star Wars Party Activities and Games

Once the food has been eaten and the cake has been cut, it's time for party games! Here are a few fun, creative party games and Activities for a Star Wars themed party.

  • Pin the Light Saber on the Jedi
  • Light Saber Training Session
  • Darth Vader Cookie Decorating
  • Photo Opp with Princess Leia
  • Jedi Dress Up
Pinterest has hundreds of ideas for memorable Star Wars themed party games!

Star Wars Party Favors

Party favors might include toy light sabers, stickers, candy, markers, crayons, mini-Lego sets (Star Wars theme), or Jedi costumes. Birthday Express has exactly what you need and more!

Planning a Star Wars birthday party should never deplete the force in you. Make it easy. Make it fun. Let Birthday Express help with all of your party needs!

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  1. Awesome post! Such great ideas for a Star Wars themed birthday party! Thanks :)

  2. My husband would go bananas over this... he pretends he is a grown up, but is really just a big kid at heart.


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