Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pull-Free & Pain-Free Detangling: Hair Symphony Brush Set

My daughter, who is two, has really fine hair that ends up in a tangled mess after a long night of sleep. Because it's getting longer, I've started implementing a brush into her hair care routine as opposed to just the comb. Unfortunately, the tangles leave for a fight between the two of us, as she doesn't like getting her hair brushed. Recently, however, I had the chance to try two brushes—a detangling brush and a soft brush—from Hair Symphony.

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The brushes arrived in a sleek black cosmetic bag with the Hair Symphony logo on the front. Inside were instructions on how to use the brushes, and of course, the brushes themselves.

The brushes are very pretty, with a red metallic-type color on the soft brush and a vibrant hot pink color on the detangling brush.

Because each brush serves a different purpose, the bristles were different on both. The soft brush featured padding bristles with the small round bristle heads to keep the hair looking smooth.

The detangling brush had straight bristles, made for grabbing and gently pulling through any tangles that are present.

I decided to try them out on my daughter after her morning bath, when her hair has extra tangles.

Notice in the image below how her hair in the back is very tangled and rough.

I brushed her hair with the detangling brush while she watched a video on my tablet. She didn't even flinch.

 After I was sure that all of the tangles were out, I ran the soft brush through her hair.

Check out the bottom photograph to see the huge difference in her hair before and after using both the detangling brush and the soft brush from Hair Symphony.

Needless to say, the Hair Symphony Detangling Brush and the Hair Symphony Soft Brush are both winners in my household!

Now, it should be noted that I, too, have fine hair. My hair is very long, a little lower than my waist. I use both the detangling brush and soft brush as well and they work great on my very long hair.

I highly recommend these brushes, especially if you have little ones who despise having their hair brushed. These will really save you lots of time and will prevent you from having to chase your little one around. No pulling, no pain!

Head on over to Hair Symphony to purchase your detangling brush and soft brush set!

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  1. I had an accident and hit my head on the ground and damaged my skull. I lost all the hair at the point of impact, and now I just have a scar. Unfortunately the scar hurts when pulled, so when I brush my hair it can be very uncomfortable. I would love to try this and see if it was easier to brush my hair.

  2. These brushes seem like they are little miracles for your household. I have fine hair, too. I need to check these brushes out!


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