Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dating the Wrong Men Book Review + Giveaway

For nine years, I've been in an incredible, happy, and healthy relationship with my husband. Many people believe that because I've been attached for so long, that I have never had to experience the cruel dating world that many have come to know. While it is true that I married young, I am not unaware of the cruel and often bizarre dating world.

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"Dating The Wrong Men," sums up the cruel, bizarre, and emotional world of dating in an easy-to-read chapter book. The book, written by Kelly Rossi, is incredibly charming and hilariously insightful, while also not passing up the opportunity to discuss the serious side of dating as well—also touching on domestic abuse, suicide, and heartbreak.

Kelly goes through "Dating The Wrong Men" explaining the different types of guys out there in the dating pool, all of whom she has had first-hand experience with. Many of these "types" are all-too-familiar, especially to those who have experienced the dating world for themselves.

Rossi has a way of touching on these matters while adding in bits and pieces of inspiration and humor. I love that she includes her personal stories, with each chapter ending with a list of ways to recognize whether or not you're dating that particular "type" of guy.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Dating The Wrong Men" and have already recommended it to friends and family. It is a witty, charming, inspirational, and humorous read, that I highly recommend picking up. Kelly Rossi has a way of adding her personality into the mix, so that you end the book feeling as if she is one of your closest girlfriends.

So, ladies, grab a glass of wine, put on your comfy socks, get cozy on the sofa, and enjoy reading "Dating The Wrong Men."

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