Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace Review

Around the age of seven or eight, I fell out of a tree house and fractured my pelvis. Little did I realize at that time was how the fracture would affect me later in life. It's been 20 years since the injury, and as I get older, the more complications I seem to have. Hip and lower back pain have plagued me for most of my life since the fracture.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I wear an adjustable back brace whenever I had the chance. She said that it could potentially ease the pain and adjust my posture, subsequently easing some of the pressure on my back and hips. When I came across the Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace, I thought it might me exactly what I needed to help make my life a little less painful.

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I received the Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace in the mail and was excited to try it out. The day that I received it, I had been experiencing some discomfort in my lower back, due to long periods of sitting (as a blogger, you tend to spend a great deal of time at the computer).

I tried the brace on and felt that the fit was just right. However, when tightened properly, it became uncomfortable around the arm pit area. The instructions on the website state that you can wear it over a shirt, so this is what I did, to ensure optimal comfort.

Wearing it over a shirt certainly helped with the discomfort under the arms.

The Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace can be worn throughout the day, whether you're on the computer, cleaning your house, or just lounging around. You can wear it while exercising, too. The way that it fits allows you to recognize the proper sitting position for ideal posture. The more you wear it, the more you become adjusted to this position, so that you'll continue sitting that way, even without the brace.

What I found to be unfortunate was that it's not practical for me to wear outside of the house. As a woman, I tend to wear more form-fitting tops, but the fit of the brace creates a bulge at the waste, as well as awkward lumps throughout.

Another point that failed to impress me was that the brace didn't seem to come down low enough to support my lower back. However, I did notice a significant change in the way that I sit. My posture is certainly much better, as the brace doesn't really allow for slumping.

What I liked about the brace was that it is adjustable and features elastic for stretch.

The Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace is unisex, and fits many sizes, from a 26" chest to a 40" chest.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace and look forward to reducing the amount of pain in my back and hips.

Need help with your posture or with relieving back pain? Head on over to Amazon to purchase a Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace

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  1. Do you have a url for the instructions? We bought one of these at Amazon and it didn't come with any. My search has been fruitless. Thank you!


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