Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Safe, Happy Bath Time: Ozeri Duckymeter - Bath Toy and Thermometer

When I was new to the world of motherhood, I once gave my son a bath in water that felt "just right" to me, but was too warm for him. From that point forward, bath time became somewhat of a struggle. Because of this, when I had my daughter, I knew that I didn't want to make the same mistake again. Often times, I feel that because I worry so much about hot water, I keep her bath water too cool.

If only there was a way to know whether the water was too hot or too cold, without having to purchase an expensive water thermometer.

Well, now there is!

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The Duckymeter is not only a cute rubber duck toy for your baby or toddler to play with, but it's also a water thermometer. The Duckymeter floats naturally and activates as soon as it makes contact with the water. There are no switches or buttons that you need to press, as it is activated by sensors inside.

As an added bonus, you needn't worry about your little one splashing the Duckymeter or pushing it underwater, as it is fully submersible.

The Duckymeter features a small LCD screen that is easy-to-read and displays the temperature in Fahrenheit with a color-code, including blue for cold, green for just right, and red for hot. Water temperature is displayed every second, so you'll know if the water is getting too cold for your son or daughter to play in.

The Duckymeter requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included, and will last up to 100 hours. There are alarm sounds that will scare your little one, so you can both enjoy a calm, happy bath.

I absolutely love that this duck doubles as a toy! It's functional and it helps keep your little one happy while getting clean. My daughter, who is two, had a fantastic time with the Duckymeter, and loves to see the lights and numbers on the bottom. I've actually used it to teach her a few of her numbers! 

The Duckymeter can be purchased on Amazon for $19.95 from Ozeri. I highly recommend it!

Check out BrickDave's guide to make sure that you're buying safe toys for children.

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