Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All-Natural Hair & Body Care: Walker Premium Products Argan Oil Review

As mentioned in a previous post, I have really been getting into essential oils. I love the idea of bringing the benefits of nature into my home and into the lives of my family.

The more I search, the more information I uncover, and as a result, the more interested I become in learning more. Recently, I had the opportunity to try an oil I had yet to experience: Argan oil.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

I received a 100 mL bottle of Walker Premium Products Argan Oil, 100% Pure & Organic. The bottle states that this particular brand of argan oil is from Morocco.

Today, I'm going to share with you a few ways to determine whether or not your argan oil is high-quality. I'm going to use what I know to determine whether or not Walker Premium Products Argan Oil measures up to these high-quality standards.


If you're into essential oils, you already know that the first thing to check before even considering a purchase is the ingredients list. There should never be more than one ingredient on your essential oils.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil contains only one ingredient: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.


When purchasing essential oils, it is incredibly important that your oils come in a bottle or vial that is dark-colored glass. This prevents sun-damage and light-exposure. Clear glass or plastic containers should be considered inferior.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil comes in a thick, dark-brown glass bottle.


Price can be a dead giveaway that an oil you're receiving is inferior—especially when the oil is a difficult one to extract. Argan oil just so happens to be one of those oils. The extraction method is rather tedious and time-consuming, and therefore, the price often reflects that.

That's not to say, however, that the highest priced oil is the best oil. With that said, a huge bottle of argan oil for only $10 is unlikely to be the high-quality product you're looking for.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil is usually $69.95, but as of April 7, 2015, is on sale for $20.95. For 100 mL, this is rather inexpensive—but should be noted that it is a sale price.


Argan oil that is true argan oil, should have a slightly "nutty" scent. Some compare the scent to popcorn. Upon contact with the skin, however, the odor should disappear as it is absorbed rather quickly into the skin.

Deodorized argan oil is void of the oil's natural nutty scent, and should be avoided. That is the same for extremely pungent argan oils.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil has a very slight "nutty" scent, that I compare to the smell of popcorn kernels, prior to being popped.


True argan oil is smooth and oily, but not greasy. It shouldn't be sticky, nor should it be extremely watery. When applying it to the skin, it should feel silky, and should absorb quickly. Any extremely slimy, sticky, or watery textures should be avoided. Even applied to dry, itchy skin, argan oil should feel soothing, not uncomfortable.

After applying Walker Premium Products Argan Oil to my skin, it was very smooth, silky, and absorbed within two minutes.


Argan oil, when used for cosmetic purposes, should be a light golden color. If the color is crystal clear, like that of water, chances are, there are other oils mixed in. Argan oil used for culinary purposes has a golden brown color.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil has a very, very faint yellow tinge to the oil.

Bottom Line 

From what I know about oils and argan oil in particular, it seems that Walker Premium Products Argan Oil is a quality oil. It is unrefined, 100% pure, cold-pressed, and certified organic, with absolutely no additives.

Walker Premium Products Argan Oil comes in a thick, durable bottle, with an easy to use glass dropper.

The absorption rate is very quick, with it having been completely absorbed into my skin within two minutes.

Overall, I do believe that this argan oil is worth looking into, and purchasing.

Head on over to Walker Premium Products to purchase this argan oil.

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