Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brighten Your Home with The "You Are My Sunshine" Wall Decal

There are so many benefits to using wall decals, especially when painting is not an option (if you're renting, leasing, setting up a temporary room, etc.). Not only are wall decals quick and easy to use, they can also be applied without damaging your walls.

The first wall decals that I used were Bobee Decals. You might remember my post about their polka dot wall decals. I recently had the opportunity to try yet another decal from Bobee Decals and I am excited to share my opinion and the final result with you today.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

I settled on the "You Are My Sunshine" wall decal in yellow. This, like the polka dot decals, was to be placed in my daughter's bedroom. While the polka dot decals brought life to the wall next to her bed, the adjacent wall—where her window is—was still a bit bare. I decided to place this decal above her window. I felt that it would add a little character to that side of her room, and since the sun shines through that window in the mornings, I felt it would be fitting.
The decal came in a cylindrical container, which had the decal rolled up inside, along with instructions and a link to a YouTube video showing how to apply the "You Are My Sunshine" wall decal. I watched the video several times before applying the decal. You can view the video below.

Below, you'll see what my decal looked like upon receiving it.

Below, I'm going to paraphrase the instructions from the video.

1. Clean the area where you wish to apply the wall decal with a damp towel. Allow it to dry completely before adhering the decal.

2. Take a credit card or another straight edge and rub it across the decal. This pushes the decal onto the sticky transfer paper underneath.

3. Peel the sticky paper off very slowly, making sure that the decal is adhering properly. If not, roll the paper back over and rub some more.

4. Place the sticky part of the decal onto the wall where you want it. Make sure that it is center.

5. Rub the paper again with a straight edge to get the decal to adhere to the wall.

6. Slowly peel away the paper to reveal your wall decal.

I had trouble with step two. I thought that I had rubbed long enough to transfer the decal to the sticky paper, but the decal would not stick to the paper. I spent nearly an hour rubbing and peeling before the decal actually came off. Next time, I will make sure to rub harder and longer before trying to peel the sticky paper off.

Once the decal adhered to the sticky paper, everything else went smoothly.

The finished result?

Despite the issues I had with the decals, I know what to do differently next time. I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Bobee Decals has impressed me yet again!

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