Friday, July 31, 2015

Snuggle Bear Summer Mission #TeamSnuggle

School starts up soon, so time is running out to enjoy the summer, create memories, and live it up! For the next few weeks, we'll be celebrating summer with Snuggle Bear, the adorable, cuddly little Snuggle mascot. Snuggle®, for those of you who aren't aware, is a fabric softener that offers long-lasting freshness. Snuggle Bear, along with Snuggle, can be a long lasting companion this summer, whether it's for soft blankets while camping or midnight cuddling.

This summer, we've enjoyed our time with Snuggle Bear. To see some of our adventures and activities, view them below!

* I'm on the Summer with Snuggle Bear mission! Join me in the Bear Den to join future sampling opportunities. I received Snuggle Bear for free in exchange for participating in the Snuggle Summer Mission campaign.

Snuggle Bear was ready to be snapped in before we took a trip to a cookout!

After a long day, Snuggle Bear was ready to relax and unwind, by enjoying the scenery outdoors.

He's also been extremely helpful in helping us prepare for school in the upcoming weeks!

Buddha, our family pet, loves Snuggle Bear snuggles!

While Snuggle Bear has been here, he's made some new friends!

This summer, Snuggle Bear has helped me improve my herb garden. Check out that basil!

Interested in participating in future sampling opportunities? Join TeamSnuggle!

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