Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inexpensive Plus Size Workout Clothes + Fitness Update

Forgive me if it offends you to see a bigger girl in workout gear...

...Just kidding. If you're offended, then by all means, leave. I'll share what I want. :)

Anyway, while grocery shopping today, I saw that all of Meijer's active wear was on sale! Because I desperately needed active wear for my workouts, I decided to pick up a few pieces—and I'm so glad that I did, because they made a huge difference in my exercise routine.

All of the active wear that I picked up is moisture-wicking. This is exactly what I need when working out in the humid summer heat in Ohio. On the left is a green "dri-fit" shirt. The back is mesh so I get a nice little breeze when my back starts to sweat. I only paid $4.50 for it!

On the right is the RBX sports bra and the RBX compression capri pants. The bra fits perfectly, is comfortable, and holds me in so I needn't worry about my girls falling out during my strength exercises. And I only paid $5 for it! The pants are probably my favorite part of the outfit. I paid a little extra for these—$16 to be exact. Still totally worth it.

Overall, I am happy with my choices.

Fitness Update

My fitness routine and diet are still going strong. I'm still completing 30 minutes of cardio each day. Right now, I'm still sitting at 196 pounds, but I hope to be 194 by the end of the week. My stomach is getting flatter, can you tell?

I am so excited that I'm really getting into shape. I'm really doing it this time! I haven't skipped a beat and the changes in my body are motivating me to work harder. I can't give up now. I am in too deep. It's almost becoming an obsession.

Remember to keep going. Your mind will give up before your body so PUSH IT to keep going. You got this! You can do anything that you set your mind to.

* The products in this post were purchased by me and are not a part of a sponsorship. As always, all opinions are my own.

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