Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just. Keep. Going. (24 Pounds GONE)

Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

Take a look at that before and after. The weight loss may not be particularly noticeable right away, but this was only one month in—and believe it or not, that is a twenty pound difference.

You're probably wondering what the hell the big deal is. Well, it's a big deal to me which is why I'm sharing it with you today.

Remember last year when I said I was going to lose weight and then just kind of quit talking about it? Well, that was because I quit. I gave up on myself and "relapsed." But on May 18, 2016, I started my journey all over again.

After struggling to find cute clothes that fit my voluptuous frame (that was, at this point, bigger than it had ever been in my twenty-seven years), I looked in the mirror and decided it was time. It was time to make a change. It was time to take care of myself. And guess what? I've been staying quiet about it.

But I have been SMASHING THE SHIT out of my goals.

After about a month, I weighed in and I was 199 pounds. I went from 220 to 199 in ONE MONTH. Of course, I did lose quite a bit that first week and it has since slowed down, but I am still incredibly excited and grateful that I have had the willpower to keep going. On that day, when I looked at the scale, I was just blown away.

The difference may not be particularly noticeable just yet, as I am only about five weeks in, but let me tell you something: I FEEL AMAZING! Can you believe that my bathing suit is now too big? As a matter of fact, I need new workout clothes, too! Say what?! This is the first time in a loooong time that I can say I need clothes because they're getting too big.

No shortcuts. No pills. No rigid diet.

So, how do I do it?

The right way, of course.

  • Track all food, exercise, and water with +SparkPeople
  • Drink LOTS of water (at least 64 oz per day)
  • 30+ minutes of cardio daily.
  • Strength training 3-4x per week
  • Stay within my SparkPeople calorie range
  • Take in lots of protein (70+ grams daily)

SparkPeople, if you haven't heard about it, is an app that is 100% free—no in-app purchases, no bull. You can get a meal plan from SparkPeople, if you'd like, but I prefer to just make my own meals and track them. It counts your calories, fat, carbs, and protein, as well as vitamins, minerals, sodium, etc. so you'll really start to understand what you're putting in your body. It has really changed my life in terms of how I eat and what I eat.

The app features a community of people just like you who are striving to hit their goals. They are so helpful, kind, and encouraging. I don't know what I would do without the SparkPeople community. When I'm having a "down" day, I can get on there, read a little, talk to a few people, and feel like I'm ready to take on the challenge all over again.

I have kept it in my mind that what I want is to be FIT NOT SKINNY. I want to be strong and lean and set a great example for my children.

How do I reward myself?

Well, this is the fun part—and believe it or not, it actually motivates me to keep going. On the "anniversary" of my weight loss (once per month), I take a break from cardio and my eating routine and I indulge. I eat whatever I want that day, and then the next day, I get back on track. This keeps me motivated because it gives me something to look forward to (along with the results that I'm seeing, of course).

Today (June 26, 2016), I am currently 196 pounds and I have lost a total of 6.5 inches (I didn't measure myself until I was 3 weeks in, so I may have lost more—but I'll never know).

So, there's my update. I would love it if you would join me or follow me on my journey. I update most on Instagram with my results, but every now and then, I share my success on Facebook. So swing by and click that "Follow" button.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

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