Monday, June 27, 2016

Push It To The Limit + Black Bean Brownie Recipe!

I hope this warm, humid summer day is treating you well!

Quick updates!

Despite the heat, I've managed to stay focused today. I finished up my daily cardio early and completed my strength training. I really worked up quite a sweat!

Speaking of sweat, because of my workouts, I haven't been able to wear makeup without sweating it off. As a result, I've kind of cut it out all together. Not surprisingly, my skin feels much better. I think I'm about to jump on the Alicia Keys bandwagon and stop wearing it for good. Maybe...

Maybe not. Maybe I'll just wear it for special occasions? I don't know. I love makeup. Sweaty makeup, not so much. I suppose we'll just wait and see.

Moving along now...

So, I have been searching endlessly for workout gear that will fit my frame, provide support for my bust, and also wick away sweat. Any ideas? What's you're favorite workout gear? While I've found a few brands that I'm interested in, I want to do a bit more research before choosing one to remain loyal to.

Since we're talking about fitness, I want to also mention diet. I have been trying SO many new, delicious recipes this month. During the first week of June, I put together these delicious brownies—they contain NO flour! Say what?! Guess what the main ingredient is?

BLACK BEANS! And they're absolutely delicious! They were gone within an hour, no joke.

Find the Black Bean Brownie recipe over at Chocolate Covered Katie.

That's pretty much all of the updates I have for now, but stay tuned for more of my favorite products, favorite recipes, workout tips, advice, and of course, my results! Thank you all for following my journey—and don't forget that Freelance Lady also provides work-at-home job listings as well as lots of other goodies for you! Browse around and see what you'll find!

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