Thursday, July 7, 2016

Exclusive Access to Callisto Publisher's Club - Free Books & More

I am really excited to share with you a secret that I've been holding onto. Of course, I have already shared it with some of those who have asked, but for those who are still interested but too shy to ask, here's the scoop: I'm a member of an invitation-only book club. *

Free Hard Copy (Paperback) Books + Free E-Books

I've been getting free books for months from a New York Times best selling publisher and I pay nothing at all. In exchange for providing an honest review, I receive as many books as I'm interested in. The books are either high-quality paperback or digital editions and cover a wide-range of topics—from essential oils to barbecue to cooking with my kids; the list goes on and on.

The best part? I've been able to make an arrangement with the publisher so that Freelance Lady's readers can take part in this fun exchange!

My Experience with Callisto Publisher's Club

To begin with, I was able to pick what I wanted from a list of pretty compelling books available for review. I selected The Portable Essential Oils in paperback format. Within a few minutes, I received an email from the Callisto Publisher's Club team letting me know how to claim my free copy from a major online retailer. And that was it! Just a few days later, my book arrived in the mail!

Not knowing what quite to expect from a free book, I was impressed to find a well-crafted, visually stunning guide that was quite portable indeed (fits my purse)! The vibrant images inside and out are lovely and very helpful with identifying herbs, etc. It also features several remedies to try!

Needless to say, I've since signed up to review several more and it's been a delight to receive beautiful new books in my mailbox and to my Kindle on a regular basis. Here's another free book I received. The recipes in this book were a blast for my kids to try...and I loved them too!

How to Get Free Books to Review

If you share my zeal for trying new things and you like to share your opinions through writing reviews, then I definitely recommend giving Callisto Publisher's Club a try. It's free, super easy, AND you guys have exclusive access to sign up through this link using a code available to my followers only!

Before clicking on the link below, copy this exclusive access code: BOOKREVIEWS794

Have any questions? Let me know!

* If you sign up using my exclusive entry code and complete one book review, I will receive paid compensation.

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