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10 Pretty Halloween Costumes for Under $20

All Hallows' Eve, Halloween, All Souls Day, Hallomas—no matter what you call it, it's a highly-celebrated event in the United States. Halloween, in my opinion, is one of the best holidays of the year. It's a day when we all get the chance to shed our daily identities and choose to be whomever or whatever we please. We enjoy delicious food, sweet treats, and time with friends and family.

As with all things, however, there is a drawback; Halloween can be expensive. Between candy, costumes, and food, All Hallows' Eve can put quite a dent in your bank account. Fortunately, it doesn't have to. To help you save money this year, I've compiled a list of 10 Pretty Halloween Costumes for Under $20.

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Whether you're attending a Halloween party, going Trick-or-Treating, or simply sitting at home giving out candy, these affordable, pretty, feminine costumes won't break the bank and will have you looking beautiful on October 31st. 

Retro Polka Dot Skirt Costume

On Halloween, you can dress up and dress "smart" by choosing a cheap Halloween costume that still has you looking your best! This retro, polka dot skirt costume can be paired with high-heels, sunglasses, and a partner in a leather jacket. It's a  Halloween costume suited for a scary movie at the drive-in.

Candy Girl Costume

If you're a bit more daring with your style of dress, this sweet, simple, "candy girl" costume might be the one for you. All eyes are sure to be on you at the Halloween party with this innocent-looking and inexpensive costume. For extra coverage, you can wear a pair of shorts underneath. Pair it with Mary Jane's and you're good to go!

Devil Fairy Costume

Like the idea of wearing a fairy costume for Halloween but want to stand out even more? If so, then consider this Evil Fairy costume! It's super easy to dress up! Just pair it with knee-high boots and some ruby lipstick and you'll be the star of the costume party and no one will know that your costume was less than $20!

20s Flapper Costume

Perhaps one of the more popular costumes, the 1920s flapper costume is sleek, sophisticated, and sexy. With just the dress, you're paying less than $20, so you can easily pick up accessories without spending over $40 on your costume. Pair it with a feather boa, a cigar holder, and some heels, and you've got yourself a costume worth remembering.

Medic Costume

Are you the type of person to help others when they need you? Then let it show with your affordable Halloween costume! This "Midnight Medic" outfit is a spin on the typical nurse costume.

Ninja/Boxer Costume

If the weather on Halloween is usually warmer than usual where you live, then you might want to consider a lighter costume. This ninja/boxer costume for women is lightweight and bares more skin, so you're sure to stay cool while you dance the night away at a costume party.

Pirate Costume

Pretty and grungy, this pink pirate costume can be dressed up with pirate boots, a funky pirate hat, and a well-practiced pirate accent. Don't forget the rum!

Disco Costume

Heading out to a retro Halloween party? Well, you'll be a hit in this disco costume! Whether you're shaking it on the dance floor or just hanging with friends, this cheap costume is comfortable, pretty, and vibrant, so you're sure to stand out!

Saloon Girl Costume

Serve guests in style with this sassy saloon girl costume. Pair this Halloween costume with stockings, heels, and some wrist-warmers to add to its appeal.

Casual Wonderland Queen Costume

Love Alice in Wonderland but don't want to be too overdressed for your Halloween event? Then check out this rather simple Wonderland Queen costume.

These affordable Halloween costumes will have you saving money and looking your best.

What's the most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?

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