Friday, September 23, 2016

Gift Ideas: Children's 14k Gold Birthstone Earrings

Since ancient times, the wearing of birthstones has been thought to bring good luck and good health. I, personally, have always loved birth stones, and always loved purchasing pieces of jewelry for my children bearing their birth stones. Each month has it's own special stone, each with it's own qualities and benefits.

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KidsGold - 14k for Kids is offering your little girl her very own pair of 14k Gold, .50ct TW Genuine Birthstone Earrings in a beautiful basket setting at 30% off. All months and their corresponding gemstones are included. These sets make a great gift for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, and more. Each pair of 14k Gold Genuine Birthstone Earrings are only $48.99 (retail price $69.99) and comes with a gifted box, matching tote, and free shipping.

Want to grab yours? Head over to

The creaters of KidsGold - 14k for Kids have been selling 14k gold children's jewelry programs for major retailers throughout the country. The company was established in 1979, so they've been around long enough to know they're a brand you can trust.

They offer great prices and free shipping—and it's not just earrings they sell! You can get necklaces, religious pieces, rings, bracelets and more. Every item comes in a gift box with a matching tote. For the complete section, visit

A 20% off store-wide sale will be offered EXCLUSIVELY to my readers from November 1 to December 31, 2016. The coupon code to use is: USFG20

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