Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Many Bloggers Report Non-Payment with Blog Distributor, A Now Defunct Company

My post, "What Happened to Blog Distributor?" recently received a comment, despite being archived. Even though it's been nearly four years since I last worked with Blog Distributor, I still want to educate bloggers about what we can learn from the non-payment issue with this "paid to blog" company.

For starters, I've compiled a list of some posts for other writers to check out to understand why Blog Distributor received quite a reputation across the world of freelance writing.
Dean Saliba is probably the most outspoken writer regarding Blog Distributor's non-payment. Fortunately, Dean was eventually paid. A blogger for "Make Money Lessons," Dean Saliba, like many others, had to take extreme efforts before he was given part of the funds for work he completed for Blog Distributor. This post outlines those efforts.

Mr. Saliba stopped at nothing before he received his payments. He shared the following post in an online thread.

Dean Saliba even went so far as to reach out to one of Blog Distributor's partners regarding Blog Distributor's business practices. Interestingly enough, Mr. Saliba was contacted by Blog Distributor, Bruce Chapman, who sent him the following email:

I am assuming that your complaint is about not getting paid. Our payment policy clearly states that bloggers outside of the United States get paid when they accumulate $100 in billings. You have only accumulated $72 in billings due. You should not be complaining about not getting paid when you have not met the standard billing amount.

I, like Mr. Saliba, had read through Blog Distributor's terms dozens of times and never saw a payment threshold mentioned, even for those outside of the United States. Conveniently enough, when Mr. Saliba went to check the records again following the email, there was a mention of a payment threshold for those outside of the United States.

Fortunately, it appears that ActSeed is no longer in business with Blog Distributor, since Blog Distributor is no longer up and running.

From Dean Saliba's update, it seems that Blog Distributor did finally pay, but not after a long time spent waiting. As an added slap to the face, in his last update Mr. Saliba stated that he still had $150 of work owed and $300 pending. Neither I, nor Dean, were alone in our dealings with Blog Distributor. In the comments section, another disgruntled Blog Distributor writer chimed in.

Random WAHM Thoughts wrote up a post about Blog Distributor's confusing payment information. The comments add to the speculation that Blog Distributor disregarded bloggers, even when they had reached the payment threshold.

Another blog, "Blog Avenue," makes a mention of Blog Distributor on their website and the comments from freelancers continue to prove that Blog Distributor didn't always make good on its word to pay.

So, what can we learn from Blog Distributor not paying its writers?

First of all, always research the company you're writing for. Gather as much information as possible about the CEO and his previous business dealings. Check out other reviews and use the information you've come up with to make informed decisions about who you work with.

Since Blog Distributor is no longer up and running (although the domain is still registered), I have very little hope that Blog Distributor "CEO" will ever make good on the payments he owes to me and other bloggers.

Hopefully Mr. Chapman has learned a lesson in his Blog Distributor venture and won't make the same mistake in future business dealings.

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