Sunday, January 1, 2017

Affordable Prescription Glasses, No Insurance Needed:

Why are prescription eyeglasses so expensive? It's extremely frustrating to have to empty your pockets for a pair of spectacles, especially when you don't have vision insurance.

My husband knows first-hand the struggle of finding an affordable pair of eyeglasses, which is why it was such a godsend to find Do you remember my last post about Glasses Shop?

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Fortunately for people with little money and no vision insurance, this company offers affordable, quality prescription glasses. is not limited to just prescription eyeglasses. They also sell prescription sunglasses.

If you're in need of a new pair, they're worth the look. And before you spend your hard-earned money, take this discount code with you to take 50% off of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses (sale prices are excluded from this offer):


Knowing that you can buy prescription glasses online is such a relief. As long as you have your prescription information, you can simply enter it on the website and then your glasses will be prepared for you.

Last year, we ordered a beautiful set of rimless glasses from and we were impressed with the quality, so this year, we knew to look to the company for a second pair.

We browsed through their selection and, after being impressed with the prices all over again, the eyeglasses that my husband chose were the Alston Eyeglasses. For only $35.95, this price is a steal—and you're getting free single-vision prescription lenses with an anti-scratch coating, a protective case, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. That's a $129 value included with your purchase!

With, you're saving $100+ on each pair of glasses. It's rare that you'll find a better deal.

The included case is a rounded plastic case and your glasses come tucked inside wrapped in the microfiber cleaning cloth. The logo is featured on the cleaning cloth and the case.

Both my husband and I were both impressed with the quality of the glasses, yet again, especially when considering the price. This is a company that does not falter when it comes to affordable, high-quality prescription eyeglasses.

There are tiny, inconspicuous screws to hold the lenses in place since they're rimless.

To add extra strength, the lenses are thicker along the edges.

The prescription is correct, the lenses look nice, they're comfortable, and they're affordable. There was no poking or prodding on the nose, and they're very nice, overall.

Yet again, we're impressed with!

Check out to get a pair of high-quality, affordable prescription glasses with no vision insurance necessary!

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