Thursday, June 8, 2017

Swagbucks Review - Where Are My Swagbucks? Where Is My Gift Card?

Pretty early on in my journey to find real ways to make money online, I came across Swagbucks. I didn't join the website right away because in all honesty, it seemed pretty unoriginal. At the time, there were literally dozens of websites just like it. I pushed Swagbucks to the back of my mind and went about my business.

Fast forward to February of this year. Swagbucks popped up on my radar again. A game that I play was offering bonus points for becoming a Swagbucks member. Needless to say, I wanted those extra points so I signed up.

Sadly, my experience has been less-than-stellar.

Much less-than-stellar. It's been ridiculous.

A couple weeks after I signed up, I completed an offer to earn 500 Swagbucks. For this offer, I spent my own money on a magazine subscription for my children. After placing the order, I waited a few days for my Swagbucks to update on my account. After several days, they still hadn't shown up. Annoyed, I contacted Swagbucks Customer Support.

The support representative told me, in a few words, that I would just have to wait. So, I waited. And then I waited some more. I was growing extremely frustrated with each passing day. Finally, I contacted them again. This time, I mentioned that I was a first time Swagbucks member, that I was extremely displeased with my experience thus-far, and decided that I was going to write a blog post about it.

That really kicked them into high gear. My Swagbucks were awarded almost immediately and the representative wrote back, telling me she had credited my account.

I literally had to hound them to track down my Swagbucks.

I gave the website a break for a few weeks after and came back later to try again. In May, I completed an offer and received more Swagbucks. They were awarded immediately, which made my experience a little better. When I realized I had enough points to redeem a gift card, I chose a Google Play GC and placed an order. The next day, my order was verified.

I placed the order for the Gift Card on May 26. It is now June 8 and I still have yet to receive my gift card. I contacted Swagbucks who sent me an automated response almost instantly.

So, if you don't count the weekends and Memorial Day, it's been nine days. So, they're not late. But what really bugs me is that other websites similar to Swagbucks are much faster. One of my favorite websites, Opinion Outpost, rewards your gift card within three days at the most and other times, PayPal cash outs are instantaneous! I could have spent my time on Opinion Outpost instead of Swagbucks.

I sent a follow-up email, asking why it takes it so much longer to redeem rewards on Swagbucks than it does on similar websites. The representative simply said that the gift card had to go through "a process" and that if I had anymore questions, to just ask.

Oh. Okay.

My gift card still hasn't arrived at the writing of this post. We'll see if it comes tomorrow. Keep an eye out for an update.

JUNE 9, 2017 UPDATE: It's officially been TEN BUSINESS days, FIFTEEN days in total, since I placed my order for my gift card and it has still not credited to my account.

JUNE 10, 2017 UPDATE: It has been eleven business days and sixteen days in total. My gift card still has not been credited to my account and Swagbucks Customer Support has not responded to any of my updated support tickets.

JUNE 12, 2017 UPDATE: Swagbucks contacted me to let me know that the gift cards in question were "out of stock." Shortly after, they were removed from the Redemption page. I was able to get my points refunded and choose another GC, which arrived within four days after placing the order.

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