Sunday, November 19, 2017

Harvest VoxBox from Influenster - Unboxing (2017)

I'm stoked to be a part of Influenster's Harvest VoxBox campaign this year. For more information on what's inside this VoxBox, read on.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own. Please view my full disclosure.

A few days ago, I received my Harvest VoxBox in the mail from Influenster. If you're not familiar with Influenster, it's a community where you can get free stuff to review based on surveys and your audience. With each VoxBox, you complete several tasks and in return, you earn badges. These badges and your participation increases your chances of earning a VoxBox in the future. Influenster also hosts contests on the regular, so you have the chance to get even more goodies.

Usually, you'll receive sample sized products, coupons, and full size products. Often times, these coupons can be redeemed at your local store for a FREE full size product.

What's inside the Harvest VoxBox?

Some of my favorite products in this VoxBox were the Gain Botanicals Laundry Detergent and the Vera Wang Embrace fragrance.

The Harvest VoxBox featured several products, which I will list below.

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Body Butter

This stuff is so creamy and it smells delicious. The sweet, milky scent of coconut in combination with the citrus lime creates a tropical scent that is intoxicating. I love using this right after getting out of the shower. It's creamy, yet thick, so a little goes a long way. I will be using this all winter long and pretend that I'm in a tropical paradise as I slather it on.

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer

I've tried Eva NYC products in the past and they've worked well (the shampoo and conditioner, in particular), but I've recently become more conscious of what I put in my hair. After having read the ingredients on this one, I have to say, I wasn't very pleased. The first three ingredients are extremely difficult to pronounce and the Environmental Working Group lists two of them as harmful to the endocrine system, as well as harmful to wildlife. Not to mention, it smells musky and cheap and it made my hair feel even more dry than it was before. Sigh. I'm not sure about this one...

Vera Wang Embrance

This is a lovely perfume. I've always loved Vera Wang fragrances. This one is sophisticated and soft, with a "natural" scent that I love. It's fresh and breezy, but also romantic and sensual. This might be one of my favorite fragrances from Vera Wang so far.

Gain Botanicals Laundry Detergent

Gain is one of my all-time favorite scents. It's something that I craved to smell when I was pregnant and having the smell of Gain on my clean clothes is comforting to me. This is a brand that I've been loyal to from the day I turned eighteen—actually it was long before that, considering my mom used Gain as well. Thanks Mom!

Anyway, Gain now has ORANGE BLOSSOM VANILLA! I am SO over the moon about this! They also have WHITE TEA LAVENDER! I know that these are going to be absolutely amazing!

Cole's Middles

These are stuffed bread featuring the "middle" of popular bakery staples including bagel, Italian, and pretzel breads (yum). Then they're stuffed with savory centers like cheese, including beer cheese. Guys, this is going to be a winner! Just heat and serve for a delicious, stuffed snack that's ready in seconds.

Country Crock

Well, the holidays are right around the corner, so it's time to stock up on Country Crock. Their original and calcium versions add a fresh taste to family recipes. They're made with real ingredients like oils, purified water and a pinch of salts. I can't wait to try this in my mashed potatoes!

If you're a member of Influenster, you should have already received your Harvest VoxBox by now. If not, you can track it via the Influenster dashboard and as always, contact Influenster if you have any issues.

If you're not a member, you can sign up for Influenster and start earning free stuff now.

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