Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This Might Be Wine Mug - Gift Ideas for Her

As the holidays approach, I stay on the look out for items that might make good gifts. So, when I came across the "This Might Be Wine" Coffee Mug on Amazon, I knew it'd be a good gift for a friend, coworker, or relative.
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I was honestly thinking of my sister when I picked up the mug, because I felt that it is something she would get a kick out of. When it arrived, I was going to wrap it, but I wanted to examine it first to make sure that it was a quality product.

It's a ceramic mug and is printed on both sides. Unfortunately, one of the sides had some minor imperfections.

Even though they're minor printing errors, I still didn't feel like it's something I want to give my sister. Those white areas make it look as though it's been used (it hasn't) and I don't want to give it away as a gift. I will, however, keep it for myself.

I'm definitely a bit disappointed, especially considering the cost of the mug, which is $11.88 with free Prime shipping. If you want to pick one up for yourself, head on over to Amazon to get your "This Might Be Wine" mug (

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