Saturday, May 5, 2018

I can't afford the dental work that I need

Imagine being unable to smile without a second thought.

That's my life everyday. I have a long history regarding my oral health and my "bad teeth." It's not pretty; in fact, it's quite embarrassing. I don't like "putting myself out there," so sharing this is definitely uncomfortable for me. It's very personal and it brings about many different feelings, shame being one of them.

For more information, check out my campaign page to fund my dental work. I've also included additional information below, but the full breakdown is on my campaign page.

As a child, I never went to the dentist—even when my two front teeth had cavities in between them. Fortunately, those teeth fell out to make way for my adult teeth, but my oral health was already severely compromised by that point. I remember screaming in pain at the grocery store because my tooth hurt so badly (there was an enormous hole that left the nerve exposed), I dealt with it.

A donation or a share would help my campaign gain momentum.

I haven't been comfortable with my teeth since the third or fourth grade.

When I became an adult, I finally had insurance and made my first ever dentist appointment. I was scared to death. I had several fillings and two extractions. I was getting closer to being able to smile again. Shortly thereafter, I lost my insurance when my husband and I started making "too much." And by too much, I mean too much to qualify for state insurance, but too little to afford private insurance. I was devastated.

Here I am, ten years later, and my fillings are old, stained, loose, and worn. One even cracked (on my very front tooth).

The below pictures are my teeth before my front tooth cracked.

Here's the cracked filling.

Although you can't see it, the molar in the back (Tooth #15) has a filling that has fallen out and needs extracted. It is causing pain and only getting worse as time goes on.

By the time I was able to go to the dentist (which was April 18, 2018), I found out that I need $3492 worth of work. This work includes the following:
  • Extraction
  • Root Canal
  • Core Buildup
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Filling
  • Crown
I need this work done as soon as possible to prevent additional problems, especially the molar extraction and root canal/crown. He also told me that he recommends capping all six front teeth for additional support since the fillings are large, but that's not something I can even think about right now, as that's another $7k. I just want the necessary things taken care of.

My husband is incredible and works 50+ hours per week to cover our regular expenses (mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.) and we have only recently started getting back on our feet, so we do not currently have an emergency fund. Now, we have over $3000 worth of work that I need and it's been extremely stressful trying to figure out how we're going to cover this.

If you can find it in your heart to help, I would be eternally grateful. I want to be able to smile again. Having this work done would be life-changing for me, but we simply cannot afford it.

For additional information and a full breakdown of my work, check out my campaign page. Remember that even if you can't help financially, a share will go a long way.

I appreciate you.

Signing off,


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