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I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read about me. As much as I wish I could entertain you with stories about my journey around the world, my incredible cooking skills, and my love of gourmet cheese, I've actually never been out of the tri-state area, I still struggle with overcooking chicken, and I don't even like gourmet cheese.

So, there's that.

To put it simply, my name is Emily Lambert and I'm a writer, a mom, and a dreamer.

I live in a small town in southwestern Ohio with my husband, our two children, and our German Shepherd/Labrador named Shade. Our Border Collie/Chow Chow mix Buddha, passed away in January 2017. He is forever in our hearts.

Freelance Lady is my place to share work at home opportunities, blog tips, and freelance writing gigs. Of course, I occasionally like to implement a little bit of my own personality into my posts, so sometimes you'll also find fashion posts, beauty tips, and inspirational ideas.

For more about the blog, scroll down to "Why Freelance Lady?" near the bottom of this page. To learn more about me, read on...


Of course, it'd be easy to tell you that I'm "just your average woman in her late-twenties," I'm really not. I mean, I guess it could hold some weight. I am a mother of two. I am a stay-at-home mom. I do homeschool my son—all of those things pretty much sum up the typical "mom" blogger, right?

But among the "mom crowd," I'm also the weirdo of the bunch.

I don't drink coffee. *Gasp* I prefer Red Bull for my daily dose(s) of caffeine. I also don't drink a lot of wine. I actually prefer good ol' fashioned beer when and if I do drink. I'm also all for the recreational legalization of marijuana. My children are up-to-date on their vaccines and I'm known to nearly burn the house down while baking—but I still try from time to time.

I like to compare my demeanor to that of the character Darlene from Rosanne—dry, sarcastic, and somewhat monotone. I'm the seemingly antisocial woman in the corner of a crowded room. Of course, I'm not actually antisocial, I'm just pretty shy. Probably because I'm also the awkward woman who responds "Great, thanks!" when someone says hello because I'm usually wrapped up in my thoughts. I'm a dreamer, that's for sure.


All jokes aside, I believe that life is what you make it and that what you believe, you become. While we might be a little different and even though we're all individuals, we're all here for the same thing: To learn, grow, and to find stability, love, happiness, and success. I hope we all find it.

I believe in compassion, empathy, gratitude, responsibility, and love. I believe in story-telling and in lifting one another up. I believe in long nights and losing track of time because you're so wrapped up in the present moment. I believe in deep, intelligent, mind-tingling conversation. I believe in purpose. I believe that we're all human and that we shouldn't hold ourselves to the standards of gods and goddesses. We all make mistakes and that, my friend, is the beauty of life. We learn from it. We grow. We become better.

We're all here for the same thing: To learn, grow, and to find stability, love, happiness, and success. I hope we all find it.

My family is everything to me. The title of "mom" comes with its fair share of duties including maid, nurse, learning coach, chauffeur, and personal chef—but, you know, that doesn't bother me. My world revolves around my children—one boy, one girl.

My husband and I have been together for over a decade. Justice is my backbone. He's my best friend and my biggest fan. Without him, I would not be the woman that I am today. We have grown so much together. Time, patience, a desire to constantly improve, true effort, and an unwavering love are the only things you need to create a lasting marriage.

Two years in.

Why Freelance Lady?

What began as a work-at-home job directory has evolved into a place where you can go to find ways to make easy money online, improve your blog, learn about freelance writing, improve your physical and mental well-being, and also to find beauty advice, fashion tips, and whatever else I plan on rambling about that day.

Check out my post on 50+ ways to earn money online.

Freelance Lady is the blog that teaches you to live life on your own terms. You don't have to do everything the conventional way. It's a blog full of inspiration, tips, support, advice, life hacks—"a little bit of everything," as I like to say. After all, it's just the ramblings of a freelancer.

If you're interested in working with me, please view my media kit and/or contact me.

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