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Disclaimer: I understand that not everyone is interested in adult work-at-home positions, but many are open to any and all ways to earn easy money online. If a job as an online adult entertainer is not something you're interested in, then please move on to my full list of other ways to earn money online from home. This post may be considered NSFWThis post contains affiliate links.

Below is a list of online adult entertainment work at home jobs that may interest you.

Sell Adult Photos, Videos, and Send Naughty Text Messages to Earn Cash

With the website, Extra Lunch Money (website is NSFW), you can earn credits (that can be redeemed for cash) for completing various tasks, such as selling adult photographs or videos, or even by sending naughty text messages. You can earn cash by selling your underwear or shoes (yes, people really want this stuff) in exchange for cash.

To get started, sign up, fill in your profile, verify your account, and start earning money!

Internet Modeling

Become an Adult WebCam Model

Adult webcam models are "actresses" who work from home by performing on camera for customers. Internet Modeling is a webcam modeling company that has been around for 15 years, and the amount of support provided for models is pretty astounding when compared to other webcam modeling websites.

The sign-up process is relatively easy. You submit a basic application for a webcam model position, and then your information will be verified. Yes, Internet Modeling does ask for your social security number and driver's license, just as any employer does. Internet Modeling is no different. It is NOT a scam. If you want reviews and ways to prove they are legit, read some of the statements below: says:

Internet Modeling Studios is one of the largest webcam studios in the world.  They boast over 5 MILLION customers per DAY. If you are just starting out, your chances of success are much higher here than any other site.

An actual webcam model states:

The best thing about being a webcam model is that I make the rules. I make $1500 - 2000 a week, on average. I work bi-weekly for 7 days on, and 7 days off, so that I still have time for my boyfriend and my clothing business.

Male, Female, Couples, & Plus Size Webcam Models Are Welcome

There are numerous perks to becoming a webcam model, including the following:

  • Average earnings of $500 to $1,000 per week
  • Weekly payment, with various payment methods
  • Flexible scheduling---YOU choose your hours
  • Work from the comfort of your own home

Adult Webcam Model Average Earnings

Through Internet Modeling, models are paid $0.80 per minute for premium chat (private), plus 70% LIFETIME revenue share for recorded videos, plus weekly bonuses. On average, models make $500 to $1,000 per week working part time. Some models earn even more. It's all about what you put in. Once you get the hang of things, earning $1,000 per week is absolutely realistic.

Be advised, however, that you only earn money through private paid chats (or premium chats where more than one person can be in a "paid chat" at the same time). That means that in order to make the most of your career as an adult webcam model, you'll have to master the art of getting customers excited enough to want you "to themselves," and to convince them to purchase a private chat. We'll discuss more about this later.

Nudity and Webcam Modeling

The most common question that people seem to have when inquiring about webcam modeling is, "Do I have to get completely nude to be an adult webcam model?" While the answer is no, it goes a bit deeper than that. You don't have to get completely nude. What you choose to do is entirely up to you. However, remember that there are plenty of models in the adult entertainment industry willing to "bare it all," and those models typically make more than those who are a bit more "camera shy."

Anonymous Webcam Modeling

The second most common question is, "Can I be an anonymous webcam model?" or "Can I cover my face as a webcam model?" With Internet Modeling, you cannot cover your face while working as a webcam model--this includes ball masks, bandanas, sunglasses, etc. The reason is simple. Customers want to know who they're engaging with, and personality shines through a human face and a smile. Not to mention, there are dozens of other webcam models out there who aren't the least bit shy, and remember, they are your competition.

Rest assured, however, that Internet Modeling never uses your real name or any of your personal information except for the application process, approval, and payment. You never need to disclose your real name to clients, nor do you ever have to see them in person. In fact, this is totally discouraged, as it is unsafe. If a client bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you may block him or her.

How can I prevent my family/friends/employer from finding out that I'm a webcam model?

Another common question is, "Will my family/friends/employer know that I'm a webcam model?" If they see you, they'll probably recognize you, but with Internet Modeling, you can take steps to prevent such things from happening. You have the option of blocking up to 5 different areas by country, city, and U.S. state. This allows you to avoid being exposed to people who live near you, if you want to try and keep your profession a secret.

You may be wondering, "Will webcam modeling show up on background checks?" No. Not with Internet Modeling. The only thing that will show up on background checks is that you are/were a contractor for V Entertainment. There will be absolutely nothing mentioned about your profession as an adult webcam model.

Communicating with Potential Customers/Clients

Internet Modeling provides you with an e-mail address so that you may private message your clients. This allows you to engage on a more personal level, without ever having to reveal your true identity. As an added bonus, clients have the ability to send you gifts without ever receiving your mailing address. All gifts are mailed to Internet Modeling, and then conveniently forwarded to you. It's all very discreet.

Are you convinced yet? If so, get started by filling out the adult webcam model application.

Adult Webcam Modeling Process

After signing up, your application will either be approved or rejected. If your application is approved, you will then move on to the training phase. This phase is highly beneficial. In fact, most cam sites do not offer nearly as much support and training as Internet Modeling does. This company cares about it's models, and from the beginning, you know exactly what is expected and exactly what you can do to maximize your earning potential.

Once your training is finished, you can get started as a webcam model. The hours you work are entirely up to you. However, if you're not active at least every two weeks, you will receive a reminder. After 8 weeks, your account will be considered "inactive."

Adult Webcam Modeling: What's the Catch?

What most adult webcam modeling companies don't tell you is that you don't make money simply by chatting it up with customers. Webcam models make their money in private chat. Private chat is a one-on-one session (although in some cases, such as Premium Chat, more than one person can be in a "private chat") that customers purchase. What you choose to do in private chat is up to you. Usually, clients have an idea of what they want, however you are NOT obligated to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Although---and hopefully without sounding rude---what you're unwilling to do in a private chat, the next model will. You mustn't forget that you're paid by the minute.

While that may not sound like a difficult feat, you should be aware that convincing "watchers" and "lurkers" to buy a paid show is actually quite the challenge. According to statistics, only about 15% of the customers through Internet Modeling actually buy a paid show (this is actually higher than other webcam modeling agencies). That means that a whopping 85% do not.

With that said, there are ways to increase the likelihood of selling a show, and surprisingly, this is typically done by paying attention to those who do not engage with you by typing in the chat box. That's right. Most of the "non-chatters" are the individuals scoping out the room, trying to find out whether or not you're the type of model they want to see perform. Most of the time, these are the customers that spend the most money!

Oh, and in case you didn't know, nudity is only allowed in private chat, although a couple of flashes here and there are accepted in order to coerce customers to "buy your time."

Make More Money as an Adult Webcam Model

Remember, as a webcam model, you get what you put in. Where most models tend to fail is in the area of "acting." You are not simply a pretty face and a beautiful body. You are an ACTRESS. Sometimes, as an actress, you must step outside of your comfort zone in terms of how you're "acting" and be a completely different person---although convincingly so.

How to Get Customers to Buy Private Chats

The first two weeks are always the hardest. Once you make it past those two weeks, you'll no longer be a "new face" and regulars will start to get to know you, and eventually, you'll be a "well-known face." If you're really good at what you do, you may even become a "favorite" of some paying clients.

Getting customers to purchase time with you is all about your approach. Tease, flirt, show a little skin. The basic idea is to get them excited enough to purchase a paid show. The best way to increase your chances of a paid show are by maximizing the number of visitors in your free chats. Once your room is nearly full and customers are begging to see you naked, asking you to do certain sexually explicit things, asking questions about you, and so on, then you know you're on the right track.

Make them want you bad enough to be willing to get you away from all of the chaos of the free chat. Make them want you all to themselves.

The more you tease, the more you ignore requests to "show off your body" or "lift your shirt," the more likely customers are to want to see more.

How is Internet Modeling different from other webcam modeling agencies?

If you're familiar with webcam jobs, you may know that other websites are what we call "direct studio" websites. This means that the models on that website are exclusive. They are not found on any other webcam modeling websites. Internet Modeling is a bit different. Their models are available on over 35 different adult live cam websites which increases their chances of having a high number of clientele, and also allows customers to find them with ease. - Webcam Models Wanted!

Perhaps you're still not convinced. Perhaps you're simply too shy to work as a webcam model. Despite your reasoning, you can STILL earn money as an adult webcam model recruiting agent.

Become an Agent and Recruit Webcam Models

Besides working in the online adult entertainment industry, Internet Modeling offers the cahnce to become an agent and recruit potential webcam models. You will earn commission for every model that you refer for LIFE.

Not only do you have the capability to recruit models and earn a 20% commission on their earnings, but you'll also earn $25 for every paying customer who signs up via your referral links. There is NO minimum payout for agents, and like the models, agents are paid weekly.

Sound more like your kind of work? Get started recruiting webcam models.

Training for Adult Webcam Models

If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of webcam modeling or want to start your own webcam modeling business without working under a company, check out Total Lip Service adult webcam training package. Total Lip Service offers packages for men and women looking to become webcam models. These packages cost $649.99 (you may also purchase à la carte) and include the following:

  • Phone Sex 101 Course ($149.99)
  • Webcam Modeling 101 Course ($199.99)
  • Niteflirt Navigation Course $60
  • Money Manifestation Video $60
  • 1 on 1 Niche Consultant ($50)
  • Custom Layout ($199.99)
  • Custom Bio ($99.99)
You can get 10% off with my code: FREELANCELADY

For more information on what all of this means and how it can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a high-paid adult entertainer, check out the Total Lip Service website.

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