Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs: Info Barrel

InfoBarrel deems itself "the magazine of the people." It's a platform where users can share articles, videos, pictures, or sound clips to "contribute to a community of knowledge hungry individuals" and earn a little cash at the same time.
InfoBarrel has been around for awhile. I remember coming across the website seven years ago. I never really spent much time there; I was usually busy writing for other websites.

The idea behind InfoBarrel is simple. Users belong to a community and within this community, you can contribute media to the website and earn revenue through ads placed on the pages of your work. I'd venture to say that most of the people who regularly visit InfoBarrel are more there for the sense of community than the earnings.

Back in the day, the money earned with Info Barrel was through Adsense and Info Barrel kept 25% of your earnings—that's a pretty big chunk of change. Today, it appears that Info Barrel uses the IB Ads System where InfoBarrel pays you directly via PayPal—and still takes 25% of your earnings. In many ways, it's very similar to HubPages.

Not surprisingly, earning potential was never that great. It depended on so many factors, including how often you posted, your niche, the quality of the content, and SEO. I didn't feel that it was worth all of the work to only earn 75% of my ad revenue when I could put the same amount of work into my blog and earn 100%.

Info Barrel's referral program wasn't that great either. If a friend signed up through your link, you'd earn 2% of their earnings based on ad impressions.

However, it might be a fine place to write for those just starting out or for those looking for an online community to be a part of.


  1. I did not know you can go with Info Barrel and they could help drive traffic for you. That is why I read everyday. I always learn something new. Good luck to everyone out there.

  2. @Missy When you post articles on InfoBarrel, the site receives traffic through its members and through search engines, so basically, you write and the rest is taken care of for you.


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