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Complete Surveys for Money: Cash Crate – Read Carefully!

CashCrate is a survey website that accepts international users and allows people to earn a few coins in exchange for completing "offers."

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I'm honestly surprised that Cash Crate is still around, y'all.

I typically stay away from posting about websites like this because of the mixed reviews. I decided to make an exception, just for the simple fact that I have been paid by Cash Crate and I've realized that the only way to get screwed is by not paying attention. They will pay you—but the companies in charge of the offers you sign up for will spam the hell out of you.

I'll teach you how to get around that.

Cash Crate is a legitimate way to earn a little extra change.

Now, before I get into the facts, let me give you the low-down. These tips and tricks will help you increase your earning potential and reduce your chances of getting spammed by the companies providing these offers.

Use a different email address for Cash Crate offers. Unless you want your regular email inbox to be spammed with messages, you need to create a different email for filling out CashCrate offers. You'll need to actually be able to check it (to confirm offers), but it needs to be an email that you don't care much about.

When a phone number is optional, do NOT enter yours. If you do enter your phone number, be aware that you may begin receiving phone calls from telemarketers.

CashCrate will only send PayPal payments to the email address that you sign up with. If your PayPal email address is different than the email address that you used to sign up for CashCrate, then you will not receive your PayPal payments. You can, however, log into your PayPal account and add your CashCrate email to the account so that they can make payments.

CashCrate participants who sign up for paid trials will earn more than those who do not. These offers are worth more points. I do not recommend these, as they require your credit card information. You can, however, pick up a prepaid card with a couple of dollars on it. If you do sign up for paid trials, be sure to cancel before the trial period is over to avoid incurring monthly subscription costs.

To view only free offers, use the CashCrate search filters. Just check the box that says, "Show Only Free Surveys." You can also sort them by dollar amount so that you're filling out the highest-paying surveys first.

Pay close attention to what offers you're completing. Don't fill out any information that you feel is sensitive. Know that some "short" surveys will make you jump through hoops for a measly $0.75. However, you’re only required to complete the initial offer. You do not have to fill out any surveys that pop up afterward.

Now that we've got the tips, tricks, and advice out of the way, let's talk about how CashCrate works.

How does Cash Crate work?

It's simple. After signing up, you can start selecting offers to complete. Each offer is worth a certain amount of cash, which is disclosed before you complete the offer. After completing the offer, you submit it for approval. Within a few hours, it will be reviewed and Cash Crate will credit your account. Most offers are simple, requiring only a few minutes of your time.

How much does Cash Crate pay?

Not much. The amount you earn depends on the offers you complete. Some offers are worth only $0.25, whereas others are worth $10 or more. The higher-paying offers are usually "free trials" that require a credit card. I never complete offers that require my credit card information and I highly suggest that you don't either. There are plenty of offers that you can complete without having to enter sensitive information.

Once you reach the minimum payout (I believe you decide your minimum, as long as it's not less than $20), your earnings are processed by the 20th of the following month. You have the option to receive a paper check, PayPal payment, direct deposit, or Dwolla payment.

How much can you earn with CashCrate?

Again, not much. After signing up, I earned $22 within two months. That equals out to about 39 cents per day—or $2.75 per week—but the work is so easy. It's something that you can do when you're bored, really. Your full earning potential depends on how often you complete surveys and which surveys you complete.

You can also earn through CashCrate's referral program. I recently signed back in and had earned $20 through referrals.

Does CashCrate accept international users?

Yes! Finally, a money making website that accepts international users!

All things considered, CashCrate is an alright place to earn a little extra cash. These days, I don't feel that it's really worth the effort. However, I still check in every once and awhile to see what's going on. If you're into surveys, then it could be just the site for you!

Sign up with Cash Crate.

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