Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writing Jobs, Online Copywriting Jobs:

Formerly known as Quality Gal, Online Writing Jobs is a writing platform where writers can claim work, complete it, and get paid.
Online Writing Jobs has a fairly simple application process. After registering, you're required to fill out tax forms and other paperwork including a confidentiality agreement and a content release form.

Once everything has been reviewed, you'll go on to complete a "sample test." You will be paid for this sample. An editor from the site will review your sample, grade it, and add notes. Once you're accepted as a part of Online Writing Jobs, you'll be able to start claiming projects.

How much does Online Writing Jobs pay?

When OWJ was Quality Gal, pay was between $12 and $25 per post. Today, they deal with many different projects, so price points might vary greatly. You will be paid $10 for your sample work.

Work is paid via PayPal, but invoices must be submitted.

How much can I earn with Online Writing Jobs?

Online Writing Jobs doesn't include a lot of information on their website regarding earnings, but I'd imagine that how much you earn depends on how often you write and how quickly you can turn around articles. For example, if you produced ten $15 articles five days per week, you'd be earning about $300 a month before taxes.

I am not a writer for Online Writing Jobs although I did submit a sample (and was accepted). All information here was received through the website and other reviews.

Visit Online Writing Jobs to find out more!

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