Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scenic Sunday: Kiser Lake

If you're ever in or around southwestern Ohio, you should definitely make a stop at Kiser Lake State Park. Kiser Lake is right off of State Route 235 in Champaign County. If you're coming from the south, just make a right onto Possom Hollow Road and take it until it ends. Turn left onto Kiser Lake Road and take it all the way around until you see the lake.

Around Kiser Lake is pretty much nothing but miles of farmland. Most might consider this dull and boring, but I love it. The smell of country air comforts me and the quietness, when compared to bustling cities, is a welcomed change. On a bright, sunny day, the sky resembles a painting.

My maternal grandparents used to live off of State Route 235, about a mile north of Kiser Lake. Every summer, we'd take a trip and spend time fishing, swimming, and camping. What I loved most about Kiser Lake is that when compared to other lakes in Ohio, it's rarely crowded.

Kiser Lake State Park offers hiking trails, camping, fishing, swimming, and even ice fishing in the winter. At sunset, you'll get to witness a beautiful sunset, as the sun sets directly over the lake.

On a calm, cool day, it's nice to go sit by the seemingly perfectly still lake and reflect.

The designated swimming area at Kiser Lake on a calm fall afternoon.
On a windy day, it's equally as serene. Just have a sit, watch the gentle waves rushing in, and listen to the sound of mother nature.

The wind wasn't so calm when this picture was taken.
My children love everything about the water, so it's great to have a peaceful lake nearby to retreat to in the summer. We typically head there to swim and build sandcastles.

This took us all day. It kind of has a "tropical tiki" theme to it, no?
He's a front view. It actually had a drawbridge, thanks to my very creative husband.
Carter doing what he does best: Living.
If you're ever near Kiser Lake, stop on by. Even if you don't feel much like swimming, fishing, or hiking, sitting along the lake shore and watching the hawks circle overhead is often enough to help you relax and contemplate the complexities of life.

Where is your favorite scenic place to retreat to?

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